July 28, 2008

Speedy Dogs...

Both Snoopy and Rusty are Jack Russell Terriers, i.e. small dogs with "big-dog-mentality". They both certainly amaze me as they constantly do things that defy their small/tiny physique. So, it's no big surprise that they're both my inspiration in everything that I do.

Their "can-do" attitude often translate into pure energy. Now, it's not easy to photograph these rascals. They are often on the move. Even if I do issue a "sit-stay" command, they can only sit for about 10 seconds before they go off again.

Both Rusty and Snoopy like to play with each other. Often, Rusty is the instigator....

When Snoopy gets all excited about something, she sure can move fast!!!

Recently, I decided to play a little game with the dogs around an overturned pot. I would place some food there to entice to see who would reach the pot first. Snoopy got there, took a few bites, turned around to look for Rusty before zipping off! I like this shot as my focus is not on Snoopy but on the pot and so, it has a nice "speedy" effect. Zoom in for a better look!

Eventually, both of them will run out of energy at some point. Snoopy likes to relax on this chair while her brother tries to squeeze his way to get the lion's portion of the couch...

Phew!!!! Now, I want to take a break...


  1. Anonymous8:01 am

    I like that speedy effect pict. I can feel the effect. Nicely done.

    I can't take a nice still pict of Chester too. Hai

  2. Anonymous2:07 pm

    jack russells are one of the smartest breed of dogs. the more intelligent the dog, the tougher it is to train as they will often try to push you to really see the limits of what mischief they can go to.

    i have a puppy rottweiler as well and he's a mischievious fella. it's tempting to treat him just cos he's cute but we hold back on it cos we dont want to spoil the 'reward' system or confuse him. he's slowly learning but gets distracted easily. often tries to push his luck too with biting items.

    nice pic there of the pot in focus. photographing pets sure isn't easy. you'll need a pretty good camera to capture your dogs in action as they're constantly hyper and on the move


  3. Hi Che-Cheh, How,

    Che-Cheh - Yeah, it was great that I got that pic 'coz I didn't use the Sports feature yet. Snoopy knows how to camwhore but if she's distracted, she won't sit still.

    How - Yes, both dogs push my limits everyday. Snoopy is definitely the angel of the two. One thing I've learned while training the two is to be firm and consistent. :P

  4. Anonymous11:28 pm

    u sure have a big garden! and two nice, active dogs~!

  5. Hi ben!!!

    LOL... Camera effect. My garden isn't very big... It just looks big because I got small dogs. :P


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