May 28, 2009

Thinking With Thinkpads...

Everywhere you go, remember to keep your power adapter and water bottle...

I can't believe that it is already 1 month since I've started work at my new place. Before I knew it, it was time for the RBA (Royal Blue Ambassador) to make a call on us to find out how we are fitting into our new roles and work environment.

Yes, in the picture above, you'll see a lot of ThinkPads or TPs as we fondly call them. (^.^)

When I took that picture, we were stuck in the same room for about 2 days figuring out our direction. I have to admit that MR4 is like our 2nd home. Kekeke... Yes, we were doing a lot of "thinking" with them TPs.

It has been a while since I've worked in a client site and so, to adjust from having a desk of my own to being a mobile worker took a bit of time to adapt to it. In my 1st job, I was a mobile worker for 2 yrs but when I head back to the office, I always had a place. This time round, when I head back to HQ, I'll also be hot-desking.

My colleagues are great. We all understand that we'll be working together for a long time and so, we're adapting to each others working styles. I enjoy the camaraderie and teamwork. I've been "profiled" as a Rabbit - i.e. loved by all but tends to move too fast.

I'm also a workaholic. I'm the one who will still continue to work even though I'm sick because I've been brought up that if you can still move around - eat, sleep, shit, walk, talk; hence you can go to school/work. So, even though I'm feeling sick now with this cough; I won't stay home. If I do need to stay home, I'll still work.

Well, falling sick just 4 days into work has taught me the lesson to not take things too hard. Besides that, my colleagues now INSIST that I stay away should I feel sick. Makes sense right?


  1. wahliow, u r such a dedicated and workaholic staff...wahliow....u all cramp into a meeting worse than level 3A where all those consultants sit at.

    i heard that when ibm conquered level 6, lots of complaints esp on the cleaniness....

  2. if Rabbit is to love by all but moved fast, then what is Mouse to?
    ^.^ I love mice. :D Especially white ones :P

    My company using ThinkPads too~! ^.^ Your working conditions are similar to ours! Kekeke... :D

  3. Anonymous11:09 am

    you must like your job alot.. haha..
    all the best.. =)

  4. Hi Via, Shinky, Ken,

    vialentino - Thank goodness it was for 2 days. If longer than that, we might all kill each other... I was on 6th floor for a couple of weeks. I kept it clean as a whistle but some people still not happy that we put 1 cup on the table.

    Shinky - You working with either the K or P or E? :P.. If you're using TP, you must be from the P** audit co, rite? - I have to like what I do or else I won't be able to get up to go to work everyday... ;-)

  5. Hahaha I thought I leave the redirect URL there you won't have to ask that question d... :P

    But I'm not working anywhere in your list :P

  6. Don't indulge into your work too much. See? You coughing liao. Take care of health first ya.

  7. hahaha.....cause ibmers create a bad impression to mxs mgmnt team at lvl 6....i know who is the housekeeper which complaint bout the kakak lady to maintain the cleanliness there...

  8. Hi Shinky, Che-Cheh, Via,

    Shinky - Haha.. Ok ok.. Let me go n visit one day...

    Che-Cheh - Not that I want to but we seem to be in crisis mode these days...

    vialentino - Hahaha.. I know whom you are talking about. I was only there for 2 weeks and then decide to move down to 5th floor.

  9. Sounds like you guys are a bunch or workaholices alright! Second home? Hmm....


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