June 06, 2009

Some Home Cooked Korean

Its been a frustrating day - nursing a lower back pain after sitting in the soft sofa chairs at the office for this week. Although the place is comfortable, it is not ergonomic for us.

I'm currently waiting to get a proper seat, even inquiring everyday yielded no results as arranging a seating area is a sensitive issue... :-)


Last week, while hanging around MidValley Gardens, I had a craving for some Korean food. I remembered that there was a review some time back about a small store at the Lower Ground floor of Gardens which had Korean food.


Getting a seat at Ko Hyang was a hassle as the stall has limited seating, next to the Juiceworks stall. Anyway, it was worth the wait.


One of my favourite Korean dishes is Beef Bulgogi. Typically, some of the places I've eaten had the beef cooked on a hot-plate but this was stir-fried with lots of vegetables and onions. The taste was really home-style and rustic. The beef wasn't cooked very long which was fantastic.


Rice accompanied the dish and it was yummy! Not your typical sticky rice, the rice used is akin to the obi-mueh used in desserts.


I was tempted to order the glass noodles as the noodles is quite unique. It is thicker than our usual Chinese variety and was brilliant with carrots, onions, spring onions and cabbage. The dish is sweetish which is what I like.

As an additional dish, we ordered the seafood pancake or pajeon. It was pretty good - light and crispy but I think EV wanted more seafood variety other than octopus. Kekeke...

This stall is worth a try and I would return again for the other dishes. One gripe is that the kimchi side dishes were not enough.

I'm suddenly thinking about the old Korean restaurant run by an old Korean couple in Melbourne... I can't recall if it was in North Caufield or Carnegie...


  1. Great pictures! Only thing is, they're giving me cravings for a hot bowl of kimchi jjigae at this hour! :P

  2. Wah looks so goooooooooooood!

    You're using the 50mm mostly? What about your kit lens? Do you still use it?

  3. Kesian. Hopefully you back will get better soon. ha :D Not ergonomic? Should complain to your boss? The fried glass noddle with beef looks really yummy.

  4. i miss their seafood pancake a lot....wah, u really know how to enjoy food a lot...good ler.

  5. Hi MisSmall, Che-Cheh, Tekkaus, Via,

    MisSmall - Thanks! I know... Looking at my pics, I'm starting to crave for Korean too..

    Che-Cheh - I use my kit-lens mostly but my 50mm is used for low-light conditions and portraits if any. I'm shopping around for a walkabout zoom.

    Tekkaus - Yes, the PMO knows about the situation. Anyway, I found some good seats this week.

    vialentino - Hehehe... Favourite Malaysian past-time mah.

  6. Hi, long time didn't drop by here! I didn't even know this place exists. Haha! Must check it out next time!

    Have you been to GoGung Korean Restaurant at the Gardens (I think same floor with the Food Court and the Taiwan restaurant Fong Lye)?


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