June 11, 2009

Transformers 2!!!!

I'm getting a wee bit excited as the date for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen is coming soon.

"Megatron, you do know that we have a date to keep, right?"

I'd guess that there would be a very long queue as everyone will flock to the cinemas when the movie is out. Hmmmm... I wonder if I should splurge a little to go for the Premier class? After all, it's Megatron and Optimus Prime!!!!!


  1. I wanna watch it too. I can't wait to sit in the cinema and watch the whole "more than meet the eyes" thing! :D Optimus prime vs megatron! :D

    By the way, are those your toys?

  2. Hmm why is everyone so into Transformer?

    I like the movie but no ho-ha hahahaha

  3. I am also looking forward to watch this movie.. But I think maybe middle of July only I watch.. so that less crowd


  4. Hi Tekkaus, Che-Cheh, keeyit,

    Tekkaus - Yeah, I really enjoyed the last movie. Hope that this one will be great as well. Yes, both of these are my toys. :-)

    Che-Cheh - Hey, you didn't watch Transformers cartoon as a kid? Wait, you were one of the kids who prefer "My Little Pony" and "Jem", right? When Transformers come on, you switch off? Haha..

    keeyit - I don't mind the crowd but hate it when there are kids who will ask questions like "Daddy, why the truck turn into robot? Daddy, why the car can transform one?"...

  5. Eh no no. I watched He-Man, Ultraman, Jem (my fav haha) and Transformer too. But really no ho ha la. Hahaha But I kinda like the voice of Optimus Prime (I think so, forget liao...watch only once) in the movie. I think it's very sexy kekeke

  6. i cant wait for this movie...luckily DG got buy 1 free 1 ticket for the staff....hope i can get the tixs...damn man...cant wait to c it

  7. I think you should splurge with this movie. Go watch it in Gold Class. Will GSC Signature be showing it? Maybe I'll go there to watch! : )

  8. Hi Che-Cheh, via, foong,

    Che-Cheh - Ohhhh... That guy who voiced over Optimus Prime is Peter Cullen. Aii.. I'm a Transformers crazy fan since...

    vialentino - Yeah, same with big blue. Seems that they booked entire cinema for it or something. Have to request to beli. I haven't gotten that e-mail yet. :-(

    Foongpc - Hehehe... That's what I think too! I watched the first installment with my then colleagues. It was fun.

  9. hi angie, juz dropping by to let you know I've got an award for you : )

  10. I'm banning all forms of visuals and audio related to this. I want to keep my mind fresh for this. It's going to be an event, my friend. Let's watch it after a nice lunch at Tony Roma's ;-)

  11. wahliow...u no need to sleep one ah...can comment in my blog so fast!

    the broadband quite stable....

    new post please...kekeke

  12. Hi foong, Chris, Via,

    foongpc - OK!! Thanks! I'll check it out later..

    Chris - Hoho.. When you guys plan to watch it? I have made plans to watch with some other folks too but don't mind watching twice or thrice... Kekeke

    Vialentino - You are also up late-leh.. What to do, got stuff to deliver tomorrow. Ok-la, got my new post up. HAHA!!

  13. I've watched it. Hehe!



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