July 01, 2010

An Afternoon With The Dogs

Wow. Time certainly passes by quickly. We're already in July...

I'd guess for Snoopy & Rusty - time is something they have a lot in their paws.


Certainly, both of them have a schedule they keep but one thing is certain, they take their afternoons seriously.

Snoopy spends a considerable amount of time chillin' out, taking a nap. It is not easy to follow the humans around the house since the humans move around alot.


Even Rusty is taking it easy while on "sentry" duty in the afternoons - guarding the garden from birds and other "vermin" (read cats & squirrels).

So, what are both of them telling us?

Take it easy even on a busy day!!


  1. Hehe :D He is napping.

  2. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Time does fly by so fast. Before you know it...will be end of the year!


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