August 24, 2008

Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony... WT*.....

Ehhhh... What can I say...

Was I expecting too much?? After the mind blowing opening ceremony, I would expect that the closing would be just as fantastic.... I was wrong... -___-"

All I can say was that the Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony was a tad bit too tacky for me. I was quite amazed with the suspended drums but when the entertainment part of the ceremony started, it felt all too tacky - it was just a bit too much.

Too many singers on stage. Too much lip syncing... (or was that Astro's "live" broadcast feed issue?)

Oh yea, too many ads as well. Every 15 minutes there was an ad. Ridiculous.

I believe that Zhang Zhi Mou didn't have a hand in organizing the closing ceremony, right? Oh well, traditionally, the closing ceremony is a time for the athletes and other participants mingle and have fun, hence the festivities shouldn't be very long.

Anyway, the handover ceremony to London 2012 was also a bit tacky for my taste. A double-decker bus with "London-Beijing-London"... and David Beckham kicked some ball into the crowd?? Kekeke, well... He is one of the UK's greatest import - after fish and chips. :-P

The only thing I liked about the closing - the amazing fireworks.

Besides that, with all the world records and athletes' stories about winning and losing at the XXIX (29th) Olympiad, it was certainly another one to remember for some time to come. (^___^)


  1. Anonymous12:01 am

    Yeah I don't like the closing ceremony either.

  2. Anonymous3:47 am

    You never know closing ceremony should be less grand than opening?
    The problem, most likely, is with your unreasonable expectation.

    The closing was OK, and the London performance was bad.

  3. I was dead bored right after the drums bit. I can take tacky, but if you take tacky and mix it with boring, you'll make me sleepy. And dozed off, I did!

    And, yeah, the lip-synching was atrocious and terribly noticeable.

    The cynic in me also didn't like the Londoners show. Leona Lewis looked gorgeous, though, as usual. But singing Whole Lotta Love as the intro to the 2012 Games? Huh?

    Oh, well. Here's to the next one!

  4. Anonymous10:45 am

    15 minutes? more like ads every 5 minutes...

    Completely tacky, yes. What was with the chinese singers in the pageant costumes? And the London bus was boring, as was when the 3 people climbed the airplane steps and opened a scroll - I mean, wth was that?!

  5. Che-Cheh - The songs were not bad, just a bit too "busy" on stage. Otherwise, I like that song "Beijing, Beijing". ;-)

    relax - well, like i said, traditionally, the closing ceremony should be shorter because it's about letting the participants mingle and have fun. Anyway, some closing ceremonies were quite grand too although, on a smaller scale.

    I think I would have enjoyed the closing ceremony more if Astro didn't butcher the feed with ads.

    Chris - you got bored?? yeah, you noticed the lip synching too? maybe it's an Astro problem?

    tinytapir - Music wasn't bad but the stage was overcrowded. :P

  6. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Yeap, I agree too. Too many is better to just focus in 1 or 2 and get people remember it forever.

  7. Anonymous4:31 pm

    totally agree wif relax, the programme planning is good, the drum part n 'pyramid' is stunning n gorgeous, juz tat the pop singer r too lousy, the worse was the london part

    agree wif chris "But singing Whole Lotta Love as the intro to the 2012Games?" too, neither her/her performance related to Olympic, so so out of topic >.<"

  8. mun - it would have been so nice if the celebration focused on the athletes achievements and also those who strove to finish against all odds.

    til this day, i can still remember the song "you'll always be my friend" from the Barcelona olympics. what a nice song.. :-P

    anonymous - yeah, i was amazed with the large drums. the closing could have been better but then, it's for the athletes to celebrate. ;-)


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