August 09, 2008

Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony - OMG... Mind Blowing!!!

I'm a sucker for Olympics Opening ceremonies.. Kekeke..

You can't help but see that the trend of the opening ceremonies is that each city/country hosting the games will go all out to "wow" the spectators and participating nations; topping off what the last city did.

Nevertheless, this time, the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony certainly unfurled like an epic story - which is fantastic as it explored and explained China's contributions to history - 4 greatest inventions (paper making, movable type printing, gun powder and compass) . Cheh wah... For once, I felt so damn proud of my Chinese heritage. However, I'm more proud to be Malaysian. ;-)

Anyway, the scale of the ceremony was just mind blowing. From the synchronized acts of the many participants counting down the start of the ceremony; to the endless array of beautiful girls in various costumes (native, modern, or cultural) - it certainly felt as though I've sat through an epic movie lasting 4 hours. Why not? The whole thing was supposedly directed by Zhang YiMou.

I've got take my hat off to the organizers. It was certainly a fantastic feat they pulled off! Congratulations Beijing!! It was certainly a night to remember... All those fireworks... WOW!!!!

At least for the next 16 days, it is time to put aside differences between race, nationalities, political affliations and religion to concentrate on the biggest sporting/human event in 4 years... The spirit of the Olympic games.


  1. yeah it was a wonderful show
    Sarah Brightman's voice and the final flame are the highlights of the whole thing

  2. Oh yes I was blown away from the start to the finish. Great jobs. Wow kudos to Zhang YiMou!

  3. I'm a sucker for any Shaolin stuff, so when the Shaolin peeps came out, I was lucky enough to see the whole shebang. I say lucky enough because I slept right after that segment. :)

  4. relax - yeah... i was surprised to see her there... ;-)

    che-cheh - yeap!!! wasn't it fantastic???!!!

    Chris - oh yea! that was cool too. :P

  5. I missed it.. sienzzz.. hope can watch the closing ceremony lol

  6. dun miss de closing ceremony (i know u wont miss it though!) :D

  7. keeyit - Astro is showing a repeat of the opening ceremony tomorrow at 7pm!! Go watch it!!!

    ben - Yeah... I will definitely catch it. Seems that David Beckham will be in Beijing to receive the flame for the 2012 London Olympics?


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