April 11, 2008

What a JOKE!!!

I know I'm a little outdated with my news...

Frankly, with all the sh*te going on, I've decided to stay away from the newspapers and concentrate on other things.

Yeap, work has really gotten to me as I juggle around a few projects while trying to figure out who best to assist me in certain tasks. Needless to say, it is time to start delegating some responsibilities out to free myself to do other things.

LOL!! Gosh... I sound so much like a manager now. Hahaha.. In truth, I'm not even there yet!!! Heheehe.. Classic case of "you have the job, but not the title". Now, that is a topic for another day.

So, I checked out the news paper heading for April 10th, since it's the birth of my good friend's 1st child, he is really "lucky" to get such a high profile headline... SHOOTOUT AT KLIA.


First thing which came to my mine... Errrr.. "What happened?"

Second was "Did they get the gunmen?"

The answer to both questions.... 1) Robbery, 2) No.

Now, the shocking thing is.... KLIA is equipped with CCTV but IT WAS NOT TURNED ON!!!!

Much like the traffic light cameras which were put up for show, our CCTV cameras at the KLIA were just for show only. Like in Chinese, it's just 摆样子 (for show only). Please do correct me if my Mandarin is wrong... (^ ^)

This is a complete f*ck up - Pardon my language...

I had hope that in a post 9/11 world, security around airports would have been tightened. However, as usual, Malaysians easily become complacent and our "tidak-apa" attitude really got us caught with our pants down. Literally. One of the police's pistol was snatched by the gunmen and he was shot. I hate to say this but have you seen some of our policemen lately? Some of them look like they need a session at Fat Camp to get rid of the excess tyres around their waist.

Oh well, if this thing can happen at our airport, I dread to fear what I would encounter at the building where I work everyday.

Every time I have to get in and out of the building, I have to pass through the security checkpoint. Each time I place my bags and other personal belongings to be scanned by the X-ray machine, I often observe what the security does. They barely observe what is being shown on the screen. Some of them are SMSing. Another is chatting away with another colleague. The third colleague helps someone with their bag once it passes through the X-ray machine.

If the metal detector does beep, often, they try to stop the person to check but if it's the lunch time crowd, often, the offender can rush off before the security can stop him.

Isn't the machines put up there for show??? It's just to reassure foreigners who work in this building that we take security seriously and you would be safe here.

However, judging from some recent e-mails circulating around the offices, it isn't so.

My colleague was approached by some Chinese-speaking foreigners, who tried to con her out of money. This happened at the lobby, quite near the security checkpoint. No security was around and they pretty much didn't bother that this was going around.

Do I feel safe?

Frankly, I felt safer at another building where a lot of foreigners frequented because the guards took their job seriously. The guards often questioned people who wished to drop/pick people up at the front entrance and very quickly clamped any car (big or small) which park indiscriminately. These guards were foreigners hired from Nepal and each morning, I would see them assemble in military fashion to be inspected by the head guard.

Such irony. We have to rely on foreigners for our security needs.

Do you feel safe?

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