February 26, 2008


It has been a season of change.

For the CNY holidays are just over and most of us are transitioning from our "holiday mood" to "working mood" again.

Anyway, lately, I've experienced a change in my life which was rather surprising. My PT (Personal Trainer) at the gym had to leave her job. She had some misunderstanding with her management who decided to let her go without much notice.

It is certainly upsetting for the person who has been told to "Get out", but for her clients who became her friends, such as I, it was certainly a little drastic.

Most of the time. we dwell on the new and exciting changes but ever stop to wonder about the people you leave behind?

Of course, we can't ask such a question when we're leaving the world for the lonnnng sleep but if you could think about it for a second, would you think about those being left behind?

Hmmm... I'm just rambling here. I had thought of putting up a well-thought out post but it's 1:17am and I'm sleepy!!

I'll try to update something soon. Got some interesting news to share!!

As usual.. I value your thoughts, if you have any. ;-)

February 17, 2008


It has been a while since I've blogged something. If I had waited for another day, it would be exactly 1 month since I've posted something. ;-)

It has been a very taxing month as the company's 1st half for FY2007-2008 had closed in December/January. So, I had been involved in quite a number of activities around this.

So, I was very glad that CNY (Chinese New Year) fell near the weekend, which meant I could take some time off! (^ ^)

I was also glad that some of my team members managed to come back to Malaysia for their holidays as well too. It is certainly a time for celebration with friends and relatives, even though the economic outlook wasn't so great due to the Mortgage Subprime Crisis.

It was certainly a lot of fun to have a "Sao Gong" dinner a few days before the CNY holidays started to signify the end of another lunar year, for a job well done. Drinks flowed like a river throughout the night and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

It was a pretty "quiet" dinner where we occupied a few tables near a wedding party. We even participated for the Yam Seng (cheers), giving the party a bit of "
oomph". (^ ^)

This year, the CNY mood was quite lacking, but despite that, my Dad wanted to put up his traditional fire-cracker lights near the doorway. He would turn it on every night for the new year until the 15-day celebration is over.

I had to boost the exposure for this shot as my living room is quite dark. The lights sure looks like it might want to explode at any minute!

Snoopy had a great time this CNY as her cousin came over and also, introduced to a new set of cousins!! She plans to blog about it later. ;-)

A lot of oranges are lying about the house. However, having too much of it can cause constipation!!

This CNY had been quite fun even though I lost my voice and got quite sick after the sao gong dinner. I managed to eat some yummy food and reconnect with my family.

I am a little sad that I've not had a celebration with my close friends, whom funnily for this year, seem to not contact me at all. Hmmmmm... (-___-)

Hope that you had a cracking celebration!!
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