May 31, 2008

Photos from My New Toy

I just managed to upload some photos from my "new" toy (I've had it for nearly 3 weeks now) but I've yet to reveal what my "new" toy is... (^____^)

So, to whet your appetite, I've put up some photos taken by my new toy. The quality isn't great as it's just a 3MP and I'm basically relying on software rather than equipment for my shots. I'm not used to it yet and so, most of my shots are still very jerky and unclear.

Anyway, I heard that there's a seminar or something to encourage more female photographers to pick up photography as a hobby? Can someone care to enlighten me on this?

Will be looking forward to National Geographic's series on The Genius Of Photography airing every Saturday for 6 weeks (yea!). Anyone interested in this hobby should watch it.

Have a great weekend folks!!

May 28, 2008

Service Center Without Any Service

I've yet to update my blog with pics of my latest "toy". I didn't transfer my photos out of my camera as it ran out of batt. So, got to wait for a couple of days before I have the time to get all the photos out, organize it, tweak it before I unleash my pictures to the world. LOL!!!

Anyway, this little incident happened a couple of weeks back... It's a bit of an oxymoron.. "Service Center" without any Service... (Conversation is not entirely real but the gist is there...)

EV: You-la!!! You never help me setup my new phone. Now, I can't download the MMS...
Me: Eh? I thought I sent to you.. a couple of times??
EV: Where got... **Shows me her mobile's SMS inbox**
Me: OK OK.. Let's go to that center to get it fixed.

**Looks around the place, plays with the sample phones**
Me: Eh, go and ask the salesperson-la...
EV: OK OK.. Wait wait...

Salesperson: Bla bla bla bla... Yes, this phone has this feature... bla bla bla...
Potential Customer: Ok, I'll think about it.

Salesperson: Yes, may I help you?
Existing Customer: Yes, I need help to check on my bla bla bla...

** This person goes into some length to ask something about a service or bill or something... **
Salesperson: Yes, we can help you do this.. bla bla bla..
Existing Customer: OK, can you do this for me now?

Salesperson: Sorry... We can't. Our system is down.
Existing Customer, EV, Me: -_-"

** Walk away from the Service Center**
Me: Wahh.. So celaka.. Service center konon but no service... LOL!!!
EV: See-la!! You ask me to change to this service.. But now...

Anyway, I do pity the salesperson because she has to turn away their customers/potential customers because the system was down. They could have done the Malaysian way of dealing with system failures... Paste a A4-sized piece of paper on the closed shutters of the shop with the message "SYSTEM DOWN" written/printed on it.

This is something which plagues the service industry. If your core system fails, you are basically done for the day. You can just close the shop and go home. In this service center, I saw the counter staff get off their butts to try to drive sales for the telco but then, when you can't even register a new customer to the service, it's just a waste of time?

Ah well, I went to this same telco's other service center and found that the staff there were enjoying the benefits of the new "toy" on display... despite there being a very large sign stated that it's for the customers... -__-"

Oh well... I will not go into this topic. Am sure that you've got your own funny stories to share about your encounters with various folks in the service industry.. ;-)

May 23, 2008

It's Friday... And... 2 All Beef Paaatttiieesss....

It's Friday again.. Yahooo!!!!

This one day of the week where we can really kick back and sort of relax. This week is a bit more "special" as there's was a public holiday on Monday. Hence, this week is a 4-day work week.

However, with all the stuff going on.. It felt like a 6-day working week. (T_T)

I was supposed to post this last week but work got in the way. However... Better late than never. ;-)

Enjoy the video from my colleagues at work.

May 15, 2008

Mobile Blogging

This entry is not about promoting the latest tool or VAS (Value Added Service) from the telco but my 1st attempt at blogging from my new "toy".

Its barely a week old and I'm putting the device thru its paces...

Anyway, I'll write more later as I'm pretty hungry after a reasonably good workout at the gym tonite.


May 03, 2008

Friends, Food and Dogs

It has been a pretty hectic March/April for me....

I'm not sure where the time flew but I was very sure that it was divided between my friends, food, work, Facebook and my dogs.

I managed to catch up with friends and colleagues over meals which was great. I hadn't met up with my close mates for a very long time. So, when WPW decided to come home to KL for a vacation after spending about 1.5yrs in Melbourne, Aust., it was a
time for celebration!!

We managed to hang out a few times and even had the chance to talk into the wee hours of the morning at Starbucks. Something we hadn't done since we got back from Australia. It certainly brought back a lot of memories of staying up late (or early) to catch the sunrise, and then heading to a nice place or someone's house for a good "brekky" (Aussie slang - breakfast). These are the stuff we do not do now, 10yrs after we graduated.

Gosh... was it so long ago??

Note to those who are studying - enjoy the time you have now. Sure, some of you don't have the $$$; neither did we. We didn't have Starbucks or Coffee Bean during those days. We just headed out to the highest hill on campus to catch the sunrise, and head down to our hostel cafeteria for cheap coffee/breakfast.

March was certainly the time for "makan-makan" (eating out). Our colleague from the UK office had to go back and so, we "celebrated" the event by heading to Pavilion. It was my first time visit and I was quite impressed by the Food Republic. Ironically, he's not in the photo above... hmmm...

LOL!!! There he is! If you want to know, he's the chap in the blue shirt. He has this love for spicy food and that night, he decided to have some Thai food.

The char koay teow was OK. The portion was large and it was placed on the betel-nut leaf (I think it is) like what they do in S'pore. In Malaysia, we use banana leaf to "hold" the char koay teow as it enhances the flavours.

The dogs have also some what taken over my life... ever since Rusty, the smaller PRT (Parson Russell Terrier) joined our family. Snoopy has been having a bit of a rough time trying to educate our young friend into the ways of being a good dog. Snoopy: Rusty is a naughty boy... He likes to steal my bones!! Wait.. That was me... I LIKE TO STEAL HIS BONES...

I do hope to spend more time on my blogs. I have another post coming up on the photo-taking session I had a couple of weeks back, playing with my antiquated Nikon P&S camera... The body is a bit cracked but the lens is still ok. p
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