May 31, 2008

Photos from My New Toy

I just managed to upload some photos from my "new" toy (I've had it for nearly 3 weeks now) but I've yet to reveal what my "new" toy is... (^____^)

So, to whet your appetite, I've put up some photos taken by my new toy. The quality isn't great as it's just a 3MP and I'm basically relying on software rather than equipment for my shots. I'm not used to it yet and so, most of my shots are still very jerky and unclear.

Anyway, I heard that there's a seminar or something to encourage more female photographers to pick up photography as a hobby? Can someone care to enlighten me on this?

Will be looking forward to National Geographic's series on The Genius Of Photography airing every Saturday for 6 weeks (yea!). Anyone interested in this hobby should watch it.

Have a great weekend folks!!


  1. my wife suddeny has the urge to take up photography... wow... it's really a hot trend eh?

  2. 3MP is good enough. My camera is 6MP but I usually use 2MP setting.

    Congrats on your new toy! It's fun having a camera around. Can snap whatever we want.

  3. Hi zewt, che-cheh!!

    zewt: with DSLRs getting lighter, reasonably cheaper (starter kit) and women *ahem*... getting stronger in holding the camera, why not? Hehehe.. I've been in love with photography since forever but never had the resources to do it. Thought of picking it up sine my Dad picked it up too. Of course, I intend to be better than him! :-P

    che-cheh: it's not a camera. lol!! but yeah, I use at most 3MP setting for my old 5MP camera. Am drooling over the DSLRs (beginner range) now...


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