May 28, 2008

Service Center Without Any Service

I've yet to update my blog with pics of my latest "toy". I didn't transfer my photos out of my camera as it ran out of batt. So, got to wait for a couple of days before I have the time to get all the photos out, organize it, tweak it before I unleash my pictures to the world. LOL!!!

Anyway, this little incident happened a couple of weeks back... It's a bit of an oxymoron.. "Service Center" without any Service... (Conversation is not entirely real but the gist is there...)

EV: You-la!!! You never help me setup my new phone. Now, I can't download the MMS...
Me: Eh? I thought I sent to you.. a couple of times??
EV: Where got... **Shows me her mobile's SMS inbox**
Me: OK OK.. Let's go to that center to get it fixed.

**Looks around the place, plays with the sample phones**
Me: Eh, go and ask the salesperson-la...
EV: OK OK.. Wait wait...

Salesperson: Bla bla bla bla... Yes, this phone has this feature... bla bla bla...
Potential Customer: Ok, I'll think about it.

Salesperson: Yes, may I help you?
Existing Customer: Yes, I need help to check on my bla bla bla...

** This person goes into some length to ask something about a service or bill or something... **
Salesperson: Yes, we can help you do this.. bla bla bla..
Existing Customer: OK, can you do this for me now?

Salesperson: Sorry... We can't. Our system is down.
Existing Customer, EV, Me: -_-"

** Walk away from the Service Center**
Me: Wahh.. So celaka.. Service center konon but no service... LOL!!!
EV: See-la!! You ask me to change to this service.. But now...

Anyway, I do pity the salesperson because she has to turn away their customers/potential customers because the system was down. They could have done the Malaysian way of dealing with system failures... Paste a A4-sized piece of paper on the closed shutters of the shop with the message "SYSTEM DOWN" written/printed on it.

This is something which plagues the service industry. If your core system fails, you are basically done for the day. You can just close the shop and go home. In this service center, I saw the counter staff get off their butts to try to drive sales for the telco but then, when you can't even register a new customer to the service, it's just a waste of time?

Ah well, I went to this same telco's other service center and found that the staff there were enjoying the benefits of the new "toy" on display... despite there being a very large sign stated that it's for the customers... -__-"

Oh well... I will not go into this topic. Am sure that you've got your own funny stories to share about your encounters with various folks in the service industry.. ;-)

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