May 03, 2008

Friends, Food and Dogs

It has been a pretty hectic March/April for me....

I'm not sure where the time flew but I was very sure that it was divided between my friends, food, work, Facebook and my dogs.

I managed to catch up with friends and colleagues over meals which was great. I hadn't met up with my close mates for a very long time. So, when WPW decided to come home to KL for a vacation after spending about 1.5yrs in Melbourne, Aust., it was a
time for celebration!!

We managed to hang out a few times and even had the chance to talk into the wee hours of the morning at Starbucks. Something we hadn't done since we got back from Australia. It certainly brought back a lot of memories of staying up late (or early) to catch the sunrise, and then heading to a nice place or someone's house for a good "brekky" (Aussie slang - breakfast). These are the stuff we do not do now, 10yrs after we graduated.

Gosh... was it so long ago??

Note to those who are studying - enjoy the time you have now. Sure, some of you don't have the $$$; neither did we. We didn't have Starbucks or Coffee Bean during those days. We just headed out to the highest hill on campus to catch the sunrise, and head down to our hostel cafeteria for cheap coffee/breakfast.

March was certainly the time for "makan-makan" (eating out). Our colleague from the UK office had to go back and so, we "celebrated" the event by heading to Pavilion. It was my first time visit and I was quite impressed by the Food Republic. Ironically, he's not in the photo above... hmmm...

LOL!!! There he is! If you want to know, he's the chap in the blue shirt. He has this love for spicy food and that night, he decided to have some Thai food.

The char koay teow was OK. The portion was large and it was placed on the betel-nut leaf (I think it is) like what they do in S'pore. In Malaysia, we use banana leaf to "hold" the char koay teow as it enhances the flavours.

The dogs have also some what taken over my life... ever since Rusty, the smaller PRT (Parson Russell Terrier) joined our family. Snoopy has been having a bit of a rough time trying to educate our young friend into the ways of being a good dog. Snoopy: Rusty is a naughty boy... He likes to steal my bones!! Wait.. That was me... I LIKE TO STEAL HIS BONES...

I do hope to spend more time on my blogs. I have another post coming up on the photo-taking session I had a couple of weeks back, playing with my antiquated Nikon P&S camera... The body is a bit cracked but the lens is still ok. p


  1. Studying time is the best time. Ahhh I miss it.

  2. Makan makan and minum minum with friends is really good... I miss too

  3. So do you enjoy the times when you're studying or when you're working? Most working adults prefer their studying times while students prefer to work more. Don't know why?!

  4. Hi che-cheh, keeyit, sylvester..

    che-cheh - Yeah.. studying time was great... even though we didn't have much $$$ but was relatively happy...

    keeyit - I hope to have a makan/minum session soon.

    sylvester - I enjoyed my studying time. A lot of free time on my hands. ;-) Yeah, it's strange that we working folks miss our study days as we long for the days when we didn't have such long days at the desk. As for students wanting to work during study days, hahaha.. it's to run away from exams and projects? Oh well, to have a bit more pocket $$$$ when you're a student does help a lot.


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