January 24, 2007


Another day at work. "Nothing" much to do. (Work is work, you can't escape it unless you don't work)

Well, one "highlight" of my day was seeing snow in Derby - FINALLY!!!

I'm OK with snow, not absolutely fanatical about it. I won't go out and lie in the snow to make snow angels and etc... Aiyo.. People so big liao, want to make angel-meh?

I'm not a big fan of snow because I have to go to work. That means, if snow covers the car, I have to scrape the snow off the car before I can drive to work. Not only that, icey roads means I cannot do my "Fast & Furious" style of driving - no drifting.. (>.<)
Anyway, the following pictures I took this morning from my room window of the backyard and car.

Backyard with some snow - looks like some people throw simen on the grass...

BTW, the photos I took is with my Sony Ericsson K750i. I'm lazy to use my digicam, ok?

See the snow-covered rooftops?? The car is completely covered with snow!!

Anyway, seems that we will have snow and sleet for the next few weeks as winter closes in. I'm glad to go back in mid-Feb and I hope that by that time, the weather would be clear for me to go back!

** OIII!! VIP mau balik!! Make sure no major snowstorm on Feb 14th 2007 **

[ Offer chicken, duck, orange, apple, wine..... ] ** kowtow ** ** kowtow **

January 23, 2007

Quick Updates

Note: The falling red "*" are supposed to represent the firecracker residue when you fire off the firecrackers during the first day of Chinese New Year. Hope you like it. :P... It is not bloodied snow.. (-__-)

Of late, I have nothing much to report except that the temperature is dropping and so is my "happiness" meter. I tend to get very down if the weather is very cold. I'd guess I still prefer sunshine and hot weather (with air-cond, of course-la!)

Anyway, other than that, I'm supposed to be studying for my Java 5.0 JCP (Sun Java Certified Programmer) paper while I'm here since there is nothing nice to watch on TV. (^.^) psssttt... I soooo "malu"... So many years work with Java but not certified our "relationship" yet..

So far, I've managed to cover a couple of chapters as a refresher. I've still got a long way to go since Java 5.0 has introduced some new features. It is my goal before Q1 of 2007 is up. However, I've been distracted by my moodiness and my beloved shows which I've brought with me.

I've got to put in more focus if I want to build up my credibility and trust. This is important for me personally as I felt that my technical skills have gone on a downhill slide for the last couple of years.

2007 is my year of personal self development. Every once in a while, it is good to sit back and reinvent ourselves so that we improve upon what we have. I for one, am not the type who likes to sit around and rot, and so, will take steps to get out of the inertia.

There is no point in lamenting about the current situation, it is a time to take action. (^_^)

January 17, 2007

Trust - Simple isn't it?

It has been quite a while since I've blogged. I'm still behind in some posts, especially on some photos and description of my trip to Edinburgh Part 2. Anyway, will try to get on top of things this week.

Anyway, of late, I've been feeling very blue, as you might have noted in my Announcements section, I've been asked by my company to move house.

Yes. Move house.

During the height of winter - 3rd Feb 2007.

Brilliant, ain't it??

Well, if you're wondering if I've brought the issue up to the relevant persons, I have. All have promised to do something about it. So, for now, all I can do is sit back and wait.

Out of all this, I've realized that the sense of trust is very important. In light of my current situation and also what I've been reading/listening/viewing of the news on the War on Iraq, seems that the entire world is losing trust in themselves and the people who are in power.

Of late, I've been examining my level of trust with people and how to build up trust as well by reading the book "Speed of Trust" by Stephen M.R. Covey (Stephen Covey's anak). It is a GREAT book! Another one to get if you have been reading the Covey series on 7 Habits, Principle-Centred Leadership and 8th Habit. (^.^)

Anyway, why am I harping on trust? Because it is the fundamental "currency" between two parties. If you do not trust someone, how can you have a relationship with that person - be it friendship, love, work or business. Believe it or not, trust is quantifiable in a general sense. If you have high trust in someone, your relationship with that person is stable, whatever you do in work will be fast - fast response, fast result. If you have low trust, you tend to keep a distance, your communication is poor, response is slow and you get poor results.

So, this book is about overcoming all that. It talks about the 13 behaviours of High Trust Leaders, debunking the trust myths as well as teach/reinforce someone on the basic principles of building trust in ourselves, and in everyone else around you.

The whole point of trust is like a bank account. Two parties come together to interact, and hence, each person will "deposit" some amount of trust on the other party in a "trust account". If one party breaks the trust of another, some amount of trust is withdrawn. It is when the level of trust in the "trust account" gets to a very low level, all the problems start to surface, i.e. communication issue, distrust, micromanagement - these are just a few effects of a low trust amongst two parties.

Anyway, have a read of this book. It is certainly an eye-opener. Those who have read 7 Habits before would be reminded of this quality.


January 12, 2007

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Lifestyle

Of late, we've been hearing news of items going on the increase, while our own income stays stagnant or worse still is on the decrease.

With the new hike in the toll prices, certain NGOs and some opposition parties have decided to come together to from an anti-toll-price-increase group, much similar to the one where an anti-petrol-price-increase group was formed as well.

As much as I would like to support the ideas that both groups are putting out, protesting against the price hike, there is little we can do until the next GE. By then, I believe many of us might consider choosing a better candidate to help manage Malaysia Incorporate and fight for the customers, i.e. us, the Rakyat.

However, for now, it is just tough luck.

Better to change your mindset and hence change your lifestyle. It is just easier that way because you don't waste your energy in fighting for a "lost" cause.

The toll price increase could be seen in a different light, however.

Due to the previous hefty petrol price increase, these companies had to suffer some "losses" in maintaining the highways that the rakyat use on a daily basis without much thanks. Petrol-based materials such as tar which are used to tar the roads don't come cheap now. If the company does not spend the $$$ to tar the roads, the roads will be in a bad state, causing the rakyat's car tyres to wear out faster and hence, they stop using the highways.

So, what choice do they have? They have to increase the toll price and this has been written into the contract with the government from the start of the concession. Some say it is greed, but if you view it from a different mindset, it is just economics of survival.

Lets view things from a different mindset. Be grateful that we still have tolled highways to use to get us from location A to B. In many countries, one has to go through thick jungles to get to our place of destination. So, what we have to pay a little bit more now?

We've been asked by our dear government to change our mindset to see things the other way. Hence, the calls to change our lifestyle. Maybe we can cut down on the number of meals we have per day because we have to help our dear GLC who are managing our tolled highways. After all, they'll need the $$ more than we do. Besides, there has been reports that M'sians are getting fatter, so, what is just skipping one more meal a day? We'll be losing weight and getting fit!

Have I managed to convince you yet? Maybe you need to change your mindset to read this post then.

P/S: This post is done in a sarcastic light... if you know what I mean...

January 09, 2007

Planning A Holiday

I know we've just finished our YEH (Year End Holiday) but now, I've got requests on planning for my holidays this year.

EV: *ding*!! Hewwwooo... You online? (I can't understand, if she sees me online, I should be online)
Me: :)
Me: Me lunch time now
EV: Hey, got free Air Asia tickets today! All destinations!!
Me: (O.o)
EV: Want to go?

Me: go where???
go Bangkok lah....

Me: mmmm..U not scared of being bombed?
or Bali or JB or Kuching?

wanna go?

Me: hhehehe.... me come 2 kuching
eehh... i only book for May / June 07 mah

Me: ehh... ic

** Fiddles with the Firefox browser. Go to
http://www.airasia.com.my/ **

Me: eh... dun cheat me
Me: where is the free ticket thing???
got lah... you go to Air Asia website and look for tickets from Apr 07 onwards... choose the non holiday dates-lah
Me: esit...
yalor... you try lah and see got or not.

Me: hahaha... Got wor
I tried just now and got lah... i got the "newsletter" via e-mail today.

Me: esit
so, you go and book lah
Me: eh.. book to where? i 1 2 eat good kch food
n i dun 1 2 b delayed wor
come to Kuching lor.

** Some other longwinded conversation about Kuching **

EV: We go to Bangkok for shopping -lah!
Me: (O.o) when??
pls go when there is no bombs-ar?
EV: when you come back lah
or go Bali?
Me: bali?
do wat?
go spa lah...hahahha
or Bangkok shopping
i think u spa until sien
i think u may lk bangkok shopping
yalor... like the shopping part more
you come to Kuching for food lah...hehe
Me: just food??? wat else?

and spa at Damai Lagoon
tats all
yalor...hahah.. me want to go "pang sai" already .... TTYL tomorrow-la

My conversation ended with her wanting to go "pang sai" (do the "big business"). (-___-)

Anyway, I am planning to take a short trip this year. Just wondering where I should go. I was thinking of heading back to Australia to visit my friends who have just got their new house there. Besides, I am yearning for some good 'ol Aussie fun. Perhaps even consider the option of moving there for good. :P

So, where should I go for my vacation this year??

January 06, 2007

Learning Techniques

I was updating on another blog, The Red Devils when I stumbled upon this link DVC Online on learning techniques.

After I took the test, it turned out that I'm more suited to "Visual/Verbal" learning style.

The results are as follows:

The Visual/ Verbal Learning Style

You learn best when information is presented visually and in a written language format. In a classroom setting, you benefit from instructors who use the blackboard (or overhead projector) to list the essential points of a lecture, or who provide you with an outline to follow along with during lecture. You benefit from information obtained from textbooks and class notes. You tend to like to study by yourself in a quiet room. You often see information "in your mind's eye" when you are trying to remember something.

Learning Strategies for the Visual/ Verbal Learner:

To aid recall, make use of "color coding" when studying new information in your textbook or notes. Using highlighter pens, highlight different kinds of information in contrasting colors.

Write out sentences and phrases that summarize key information obtained from your textbook and lecture.

Make flashcards of vocabulary words and concepts that need to be memorized. Use highlighter pens to emphasize key points on the cards. Limit the amount of information per card so your mind can take a mental "picture" of the information.

When learning information presented in diagrams or illustrations, write out explanations for the information.

When learning mathematical or technical information, write out in sentences and key phrases your understanding of the material. When a problem involves a sequence of steps, write out in detail how to do each step.

Make use of computer word processing. Copy key information from your notes and textbook into a computer. Use the print-outs for visual review.

Before an exam, make yourself visual reminders of information that must be memorized. Make "stick it" notes containing key words and concepts and place them in highly visible places --on your mirror, notebook, car dashboard, etc..

Anyway, this is interesting as I've wondered what learning style would suit me. I'm currently working towards my certifications and so, would need all the help I can get!! ^_^. This is certainly a good start for me!

January 02, 2007

Mixed Feelings...


My glorious 13 days back in Malaysia are up...

Am I happy about it? Yes!

Am I sad about it? Not sure.

Whatever it is, I am grateful that I managed to come back in time before the airports were closed due to fog. I believed that God intervened for us to come back home. I managed to celebrate my Dad's 62nd b'day and also caught up with my good old friend who came back from Melbourne for Christmas too.

A lot of people said that the UK folks were very kind in letting us come back to KL for Christmas as there were no tickets. I'm still wondering who is going to foot the bill though.. o_O

Anyway, a lot of people asked me if I am excited to work in UK. I told them, not really as the nature of my work is not my first choice but it is still overseas work experience. I did mention that I may not be suited to the UK work culture but then, I was there only for a short period of time, it is not right of me to pass judgement too quickly.

Oh well, I will be flying off soon. Hope that the flight will go well as I'll be flying from KL-Singapore-Amsterdam-East Midlands.

Meanwhile, have a great start to 2007 everyone!!!

January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!!! 新年快乐!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

2006 is over in just a blink of an eye. And Dec 31st is usually the time when we take stock of what we did over the year and think about our blessings and of course, what we can do better in the new year.

For me, this year has been pretty "happening"...
  1. My good friend Dharsh gave birth to her first child, a baby boy. I've known her since we were 4 years old and now, she's a mother of one. --> Have yet to visit her though...
  2. I've switched jobs from working in PJ to KL. A huge transition of roles as I've returned to my previous position. I just got confirmed at this new job a couple of days back. (Good news?? ^_^)
  3. I went to "merry" ol' England. I'm going to be there until February before coming back for a short break and returning there for another 3mths.
  4. I lost a bit of weight when I got to UK. I've got to keep this up... (^_^)
I've learned a lot of new stuff and I felt that it has contributed to my growth as a human being.

I've also learned that keeping resolutions are hard, so, I resolved not to make any more resolutions but to strive for goals which are achievable. I'm taking baby steps to reach these goals so that I don't feel so overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, enjoy 2007!!
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