January 24, 2007


Another day at work. "Nothing" much to do. (Work is work, you can't escape it unless you don't work)

Well, one "highlight" of my day was seeing snow in Derby - FINALLY!!!

I'm OK with snow, not absolutely fanatical about it. I won't go out and lie in the snow to make snow angels and etc... Aiyo.. People so big liao, want to make angel-meh?

I'm not a big fan of snow because I have to go to work. That means, if snow covers the car, I have to scrape the snow off the car before I can drive to work. Not only that, icey roads means I cannot do my "Fast & Furious" style of driving - no drifting.. (>.<)
Anyway, the following pictures I took this morning from my room window of the backyard and car.

Backyard with some snow - looks like some people throw simen on the grass...

BTW, the photos I took is with my Sony Ericsson K750i. I'm lazy to use my digicam, ok?

See the snow-covered rooftops?? The car is completely covered with snow!!

Anyway, seems that we will have snow and sleet for the next few weeks as winter closes in. I'm glad to go back in mid-Feb and I hope that by that time, the weather would be clear for me to go back!

** OIII!! VIP mau balik!! Make sure no major snowstorm on Feb 14th 2007 **

[ Offer chicken, duck, orange, apple, wine..... ] ** kowtow ** ** kowtow **


  1. wah.. that must be cold then. Angie, do take care ya. ^_^

  2. thanks!

    Max temperature today is about 4 degrees, minimum is about 0 degrees celcius.

    Important thing is to keep warm.

    Although cold, at least it doesn't get dark so fast liao. (^_^)


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