January 09, 2007

Planning A Holiday

I know we've just finished our YEH (Year End Holiday) but now, I've got requests on planning for my holidays this year.

EV: *ding*!! Hewwwooo... You online? (I can't understand, if she sees me online, I should be online)
Me: :)
Me: Me lunch time now
EV: Hey, got free Air Asia tickets today! All destinations!!
Me: (O.o)
EV: Want to go?

Me: go where???
go Bangkok lah....

Me: mmmm..U not scared of being bombed?
or Bali or JB or Kuching?

wanna go?

Me: hhehehe.... me come 2 kuching
eehh... i only book for May / June 07 mah

Me: ehh... ic

** Fiddles with the Firefox browser. Go to
http://www.airasia.com.my/ **

Me: eh... dun cheat me
Me: where is the free ticket thing???
got lah... you go to Air Asia website and look for tickets from Apr 07 onwards... choose the non holiday dates-lah
Me: esit...
yalor... you try lah and see got or not.

Me: hahaha... Got wor
I tried just now and got lah... i got the "newsletter" via e-mail today.

Me: esit
so, you go and book lah
Me: eh.. book to where? i 1 2 eat good kch food
n i dun 1 2 b delayed wor
come to Kuching lor.

** Some other longwinded conversation about Kuching **

EV: We go to Bangkok for shopping -lah!
Me: (O.o) when??
pls go when there is no bombs-ar?
EV: when you come back lah
or go Bali?
Me: bali?
do wat?
go spa lah...hahahha
or Bangkok shopping
i think u spa until sien
i think u may lk bangkok shopping
yalor... like the shopping part more
you come to Kuching for food lah...hehe
Me: just food??? wat else?

and spa at Damai Lagoon
tats all
yalor...hahah.. me want to go "pang sai" already .... TTYL tomorrow-la

My conversation ended with her wanting to go "pang sai" (do the "big business"). (-___-)

Anyway, I am planning to take a short trip this year. Just wondering where I should go. I was thinking of heading back to Australia to visit my friends who have just got their new house there. Besides, I am yearning for some good 'ol Aussie fun. Perhaps even consider the option of moving there for good. :P

So, where should I go for my vacation this year??


  1. Your friend can change very fast hor? Sekejap bangkok, then kuching, then bali -_-

  2. that's why she is known as EV...

    Evil Variable.. LOL!!!!

  3. xetajones10:14 pm

    pang sai. pang sai .pang sai..
    Oops to carried away with the making cake song. Btw who cares about the free tickets. Air Asia is so good in marketing. I wish I can be like him.

  4. angie, I am planning to go to Kuching in April or May too. =P My frens planned to go Bali and Bangkok as well, but my parents might not let me go la.. hahah..

    ooo.. xetajones anti free tickets.. kakaka

  5. Hehehe... Kuching is a nice place. Very relaxing and have plenty of good food too.

    I would suggest the following:
    - Kolo Mee
    - Kuching Laksa
    - Tomato Mee


  6. i plan to go home n sleep in my nice bed, watching my favourite football team on my favourite sofa using my fav LCD tv. muahahahhaa.

  7. tat's not much of a holiday if you as k me.. :P

  8. Free tickets.. free tickets..
    FYI these free tickets are not really free. Its a marketing gimmick by Air Asia. This campaign is actually based on Cash is King theory, Cash in hand NOW is more than cash in the future. If you look properly. you have to pay NOW and only limited seats are available. Now lets say the taxes and admin charges is average of RM160

    RM160 x 1 million tickets = RM160 million

    These are CASH at the moment. It can be used in investment etc. to generate more cash flow. A loan shark can easily turn that RM160 million to RM300 million anytime in less than 4 months with this amount of cash in hand. or an investment in stocks. IE. An stock of RM1 enables the company to purchase 160,000 lots. If the increase is 0.20 means an earning of RM32 million.

    You all will be flying only at april-oct. And these might consist of only 10-20% of the total capacity of the flights. which can be forgone as normally there will be about that percentage of flights that are not taken.

    Hmm maybe I should put this in my blog and maybe not :p. Let this people think there is "FREE"

  9. xetajones, my thoughts exactly which is why every year i don't want to fall for the same gimmick.

    frankly, even if they do give me the tickets for free, i'm for one would like to have comfort when i travel.

    For all the horror stories i've heard, i've written off AA as my choice to travel. EV was stuck in the airport for about 6hrs when the tsunami struck and she didn't know why her flight was delayed.

    People say i'm a fool for buying more expensive tickets from MAS but then, i would like to be stress-free when i travel.

    penny-wise, pound-foolish i say.

    anyway, its anyone's choice, we can't stop them. :P


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