January 12, 2007

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Lifestyle

Of late, we've been hearing news of items going on the increase, while our own income stays stagnant or worse still is on the decrease.

With the new hike in the toll prices, certain NGOs and some opposition parties have decided to come together to from an anti-toll-price-increase group, much similar to the one where an anti-petrol-price-increase group was formed as well.

As much as I would like to support the ideas that both groups are putting out, protesting against the price hike, there is little we can do until the next GE. By then, I believe many of us might consider choosing a better candidate to help manage Malaysia Incorporate and fight for the customers, i.e. us, the Rakyat.

However, for now, it is just tough luck.

Better to change your mindset and hence change your lifestyle. It is just easier that way because you don't waste your energy in fighting for a "lost" cause.

The toll price increase could be seen in a different light, however.

Due to the previous hefty petrol price increase, these companies had to suffer some "losses" in maintaining the highways that the rakyat use on a daily basis without much thanks. Petrol-based materials such as tar which are used to tar the roads don't come cheap now. If the company does not spend the $$$ to tar the roads, the roads will be in a bad state, causing the rakyat's car tyres to wear out faster and hence, they stop using the highways.

So, what choice do they have? They have to increase the toll price and this has been written into the contract with the government from the start of the concession. Some say it is greed, but if you view it from a different mindset, it is just economics of survival.

Lets view things from a different mindset. Be grateful that we still have tolled highways to use to get us from location A to B. In many countries, one has to go through thick jungles to get to our place of destination. So, what we have to pay a little bit more now?

We've been asked by our dear government to change our mindset to see things the other way. Hence, the calls to change our lifestyle. Maybe we can cut down on the number of meals we have per day because we have to help our dear GLC who are managing our tolled highways. After all, they'll need the $$ more than we do. Besides, there has been reports that M'sians are getting fatter, so, what is just skipping one more meal a day? We'll be losing weight and getting fit!

Have I managed to convince you yet? Maybe you need to change your mindset to read this post then.

P/S: This post is done in a sarcastic light... if you know what I mean...


  1. Ahem, change of mindset?
    I used to pay RM2 everyday to-fro of work and now I have to pay RM3.20 per trip.
    I don't mind paying 3.20 if the traffic is clear. The point is I have to sit in the jam to pay and after the toll still jam.
    Normally on Sats It will take me just 15 min to go to work. Weekdays will take me 45 minutes. So? should I be grateful paying RM3.20 and sitting almost 2 hours on that pesky toll road.
    Worse of all I have no alternative. Taking old klang road and joining the pantai expressway have to pay RM1.50 per trip too and talk about the jam at Old Klang Road.

  2. yep, i agree with you.

    this is the freakin' message our government is asking us to swallow.

    i also take the toll from subang to kl and i pay a whopping rm2.60 per way, which makes it rm5.20 per day.

    i am lucky that this time around, that stretch of highway didn't go for a hike but when it does, it's going to burn a deep deep hole in my pocket.

    i'm just as sick as anyone else in kl who is forced to pay through our nose and throat in order to get to work, to be productive, to build our nation.

    anyway, i'm just against the toll hike as everyone else. just that i wanted to take a poke at all this change your mindset nonsense. :)


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