April 30, 2010

I Can't Get Justin Bieber Out Of My Head!!!

Ok ok.. I'm too old to go lusting over some small boy but... I've been suffering from having to listen to Justin Bieber's song - "Baby" in my head for the past few weeks.

It is a catchy song but you know that there are a category of songs which just irritate you to the point that you like it? Well, this is just one of those songs.

Anyway, when I first heard the song, I thought it was a girl singing but turns out to be a young lad of 16. So, I pictured in my head an image of a boy who pretty much had the same class of looks like Aaron Carter (back in the day).

When I saw the video... I didn't know what to say... Is it a boy/girl or girlish boy or boyish girl? LOL!!

Enjoy the video. I present to you the Evil song "Baby"... You can't get it out of your head. :P

Enjoy your Friday!

Oh.. Do remember to submit your taxes and make any payment before 11pm as the Tax E-Payment system shuts down by then... :P

April 28, 2010

Dr. KS Wong Visits @ Delicious, BVII

Ahh.... It is good to be back!

Yes... This blog has been pretty silent lately due to a lot of stuff going on around me. Work has been ok but I've been preoccupied with "helping friends with their farms/cafe"... and also "cooking/farming" at my own "cafe/farm" too. Kekeke...

It's coming to the end of April and yes... It's that DREADED time of the year again. Submitting your income taxes and HOPING (and PRAYING) that you don't have to pay a huge sum back to the government.

Just a tip... Do submit your stuff before 11pm, because if you have to pay, the e-payment system shuts down at 11pm.

Ok.. Enough about such depressing items.

Last month, a very good friend of mine dropped by KL for a visit. As usual, it was a last minute thing and I had to scramble to schedule a lunch gathering with the gang.

April 23, 2010

Meeting @ Noon...

I seem to have stumbled upon an afternoon meeting. I didn't mean to interrupt it...


Haha! It is a rare sight to see both Snoopy (on the right) & Rusty (on the left) sun-bathing so close to each other. Usually Snoopy will lean against the wall to catch the rays, while Rusty will be rolling around on the grass.

Yes.... The brown spots you see were contributed by both dogs'..... urine! Their urine kills our grass. So, there are brown spots all over the garden.

Anyway, ever since the weather has gotten too hot or has been raining too often, both dogs don't sunbathe on the grass. They sit on the porch to catch the rays.

Makes you wish that you can do something fun for the rest of Friday, huh?

Have a good one folks!

P/S: Docs' appointment went pretty well. One doctor was happy with my progress, while the other was not happy that my bp shot up a little bit. Got to visit one of them again next month... *sigh*

April 20, 2010

Morning Has Broken

If you're an old fart like I am, you'll probably would have heard this song, "Morning Has Broken" by Cat Stevens (yes, the dude who sang "Cat's In The Cradle"...)


Doesn't this picture evoke that kind of feeling?

I took this early in the morning when there were relatively fewer cars around my neighbourhood. It happened to be a quiet morning.

I think some of the neighbour's maid were outside sweeping and was probably thinking why this crazy person was standing in the middle of the road, taking a photo. :-)

Anyway, this photo is just one of the few which I took to study photography composition. Details are in my flickr page.

April 12, 2010

Anxiously Waiting...


How quickly the weekend has gone by. I had a great time over the weekend taking lots of photos and catching up with some old friends. Like Rusty, I'm waiting for Friday to come along again.

However, I'm a bit anxious as I've got a follow-up appointment with the doctors this Saturday. I've been "naughty" and good at times with my regiment but overall, pretty strict with myself.

I've been feeling a bit lousy for the last few days due to my meds. It's giving me some problems again.

Aside from that, I've been a bit too aggressive with my gym exercises that I pulled my hamstring last week. So, couple that with my meds side-effects and I had a pretty gloomy Monday. However, with some rest and stretching, I'm much better and can resume my gym tomorrow. ;-)

Being active is good as I now have more energy and am able to do more stuff. A great side-effect is the weight-loss (though slow) and better muscle tone/strength from all that exercising. I'd guess now that I'm active with my gym, I feel lousy if I don't hit the gym more than twice in a week.

So, what are you folks anxiously waiting for? Being the tax month, I think you're anxious to get it done soon, eh?

April 05, 2010

Watcha' lookin' at?


Sometimes, you just wish you could give the "finger" when people just stare at you, right? :P

I caught a picture of this cat while waiting for my mom and aunt finish their shopping at the PJ Section 14 wet market.

This cat is certainly not afraid of humans and in fact, looks kind of annoyed with me. Perhaps, it doesn't like my camera. Somehow, cats always have this high and mighty look...
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