April 05, 2010

Watcha' lookin' at?


Sometimes, you just wish you could give the "finger" when people just stare at you, right? :P

I caught a picture of this cat while waiting for my mom and aunt finish their shopping at the PJ Section 14 wet market.

This cat is certainly not afraid of humans and in fact, looks kind of annoyed with me. Perhaps, it doesn't like my camera. Somehow, cats always have this high and mighty look...


  1. I am not a cat person. Prefer dogs.

  2. The cat is staring at you as if you have stolen its fish. LOL :D

  3. Haha the cat look very geram like that. :P

    Yeah cat always act mighty and that's why I love dogs.

  4. I really wanted to give "finger" to a guy who sat beside me at the bus during my journey back to KL.. Now, think back also feel geli~


  5. Hi all,

    Mei Teng - Noted... I'll post something about my dog later. ;-)

    Tekkaus - I think so because I had kari ikan pari earlier... Kekeke

    Che-Cheh - Yeah, cats always have that "look". I'm a dog person. :P

    keeyit - Eee... You mean, he kept starring at you? :P

  6. I don't really like cats. Give me dogs anytime! Haha!

  7. But I wish I have Toothless "Night Fury" as a pet. Haha!


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