August 28, 2009

Keep On Smilling Regardless

This just happens to be one of my favourite Pixar shorts... "For The Birds".

I think I recalled watching this prior to Finding Nemo. My friends and I had such a great laugh...

It's a very simple story. Birds of a Feather... Flock together...

However, because the bird who joined the flock was different than the others, large, long and clumsy; the other birds in the flock decided to make fun of that bird... So much so, that when the clumsy bird lost its balance, two birds got together to peck its feet to get it to fall off.

Well... Watch the entire short and you'll love the ending.... (^ ^)

In short.... Keep on smiling, regardless of what others do to you. You may get the last laugh after all.

Have a Happy Merdeka everyone!!!

August 27, 2009

Belated Birthday Dinner @ Oh! Sushi

EV decided to give me a birthday dinner a couple of weeks back.... This is perhaps one of the two times she is ever nice to me...

Me: Oi... When are you going to take me go 逛街, shopping, 吃大餐阿?
EV: When I'm free-la...
Me: Cheh... Every time also you like that...
EV: Ok-la!! On the 15th can or not, it's my "Merdeka"..

So, we had time to go for a movie, some shopping and a good dinner. It has been some time since we both went out shopping...

For dinner, I decided to go for Japanese as we couldn't decide on what else to eat. The funny thing is, I had Japanese food with the rest of the gang too.. Kekeke...

Oh! Sushi has been one of my favourite Japanese restaurants for a long time. I've not been back to the place since they had a face lift.

The one thing different about Oh! Sushi is that this restaurant is non-halal, which means that we can get pork.. :P


EV had her usual unagi. She can't seem to get enough of them eels.. Which explains why she is quite "slimy" at times.. LOL!


I wanted to have some salmon sashimi but wanted to have some rice too. So, in the end, I had a mini salmon don instead.


EV had craving for some seafood and we found the grilled scallops to be delicious! This reminded us of the time when we had giant scallops in Melbourne after a road trip with friends.


Both of us can't live without salad... We decided to try the Papaya Salad which was spicy with little chilli padi. Certainly a Thai-inspired dish although I'm not a big fan of spicy Thai food..


We enjoyed the stir-fried asparagus with bacon. Yes, it is unhealthy but I didn't take the fat but savoured the smoky taste of the bacon with the asparagus.


We certainly enjoyed this pork mayo dish which had a bit of chilli in it for slight kick. Plenty of onions, and some bean sprouts accompanied this dish, making it a bit more "balanced". The pork slices were not too fat too but sliced thin enough to be grilled.

EV: You must be very happy now...
Me: Why?
EV: Because you had your pork...

LOL!! Yes... I'm your typical chinese.. I must have some pork in my diet from time to time.

August 26, 2009

Slowly Recovering...


Little Rusty is recovering from his little operation... He got neutered last Friday... Stitches will be out this Saturday...

So am I....

I finally had to take an MC when I woke up feeling extremely exhausted with runny nose and sore throat yesterday. While on my way to work, I felt really really tired and just made a U-turn to see the doctor.

The doc said that I had a throat infection after I told him that I've been having a dry cough and bad chest congestion for the last couple of weeks. I also had low grade fever which I got at night too, making me feel very warm and tired the next day.

The doc said that the reason why I'm so tired is that my body is completely exhausted from all that "infection wars" which raged within my body for the last few weeks. He said, "Now, your body needs external help.". So, he gave me an MC.

I went home, took my medicine, went to sleep and ignored all calls/SMS on my mobile.

I knew that I should have gone to see the doc earlier but work was in the way. Frankly, I don't know why I work so damn hard when I'm not appreciated for the effort I put in... Stupid eh?

Nevertheless, after a full day of rest, I feel much more energetic now although I had some slight fever and body ache earlier in the day... I also started working today too.

Will try to de-stress and keep calm despite the powers-that-be above me giving all the stress...

August 19, 2009

Been Sick...

My blog has been a bit quiet lately.... I know.

I've been sick for the past few days. Also, been busy with work, hence; being sick and working my @ss off for work.

Even if I do tell the PMs that I'm not feeling well, they will still bombard me with work. *sigh*... Not only that, they will still call me. I don't turn off my phone as I still receive important calls from other folks.

Today, there was a directive from HR to all staff that should you have flu-like symptoms, please do not come into the office or client's site and seek medical treatment ASAP.

I think even if I do both, I'll be expected to continue working. Yes, my PMs are THAT sadistic.

One of my colleagues who just went to have a medical check-up because he felt some chest discomfort was told off by the PM that it was NORMAL and that he didn't have anything to fear. In fact, the doctor did tell him something and he's taking some action to take care of his cholesterol levels to prevent heart problems later in life.


Anyway, do be patient. I've got loads of photos to upload and stuff to blog about for the past 2-3 weeks.

Stay tuned...

August 13, 2009

Some "Me" Time


I've been longing for some "Me" time lately... Yes, spending some time alone to do my own stuff, contemplate life, bla bla...

Well, I wouldn't go THAT DEEP... LOL!!

Sometimes, I just want to have some "Me" time to do stuff which I like, i.e. go look at books or just sit around and look at people... i.e. LEPAK?

It's good to take a breather now and again - especially when you have a lot of daily stresses from a very very demanding project.

In one banking project a looong time ago, my PM used to say to us, "come, let's go minum" after we've had a very long (& absolutely stressful) day at the client's site. During that time, we would just sit, have a bit of tea; and just keep quiet. He would just sit quietly and study folks as they walk by the stall or sit nearby. Of course, he will "cuci mata" (oggle) but it was subtle, so much so that you can't notice it at all!! He was one cool dude, the epitome of grace under pressure.

That's probably one quality I find hard to master... Probably because I have a short fuse and am a perfectionist, I am my own nightmare at times.

So, I should take a lesson from Snoopy - just sit, relax and just stare out into space. Yeah, you might fall asleep in the process but then, taking naps is good for us!

August 10, 2009

My Weekends Have Meaning Again!!

Ok Ok... It's another 5/6 days before the new football season begins...

Yes, my Sat/Sun nights have meaning again.

Meanwhile, bookmark this for BPL fixtures --> here.

August 08, 2009

Longing... Waiting...


We all long for something... We wish that something would just happen... We just wait for it...

I think for me, I just long for the weekends to come around and hope that it won't end so soon! LOL!

Anyway, I'm anxiously waiting for the arrivals of my twin nieces, Charlotte and Olivia who are due some time at the end of this month or early September.

A new generation at the threshold... So much to teach and learn from them too.

August 05, 2009


This is the danger I may run into. Even though I may be on holiday, I'm afraid that I may be multi-tasking then. Grrrr...

Anyway, to continue from my previous post, do you think it is annoying that you're "multi-tasking" when you're in a meeting/conference call?

When everyone brings in a laptop and connect to the network via WiFi, we tend to be checking/reading/replying e-mails, writing up documents, taking down meeting minutes/notes, surfing for the best restaurant to eat this weekend/shop for stuff/read the latest news feed about Malaysian drama politics all in one breath.. while we are listening "intently" to someone...

What was it you were saying?

Kekeke... (This post was written AFTER a meeting... not during one..)
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