July 16, 2009

Mind on Auto-Pilot

Ever encounter this before?

1. You get in your car, you start driving to your destination without even so much as a thought?
2. You're on the road, your mind starts working on 2 or 3 different things at once?

My mind was going through both scenarios.... Hehehe... Multi-tasking on its own....

Not that it is something new, we've all done it.

For example, you're listening to music while driving on the road. Or you're listening to music, talking to a friend (via mobile handsfree kit) while driving on the road - (though not advised to do so)....

The other night, I was amazed to be using my brain in parallel mode. I was in my car, on my way back home, listening to my favourite "rant music" - Linkin Park when I started to think about my work, i.e. what needs to be done, if the particular component needs to do this and that... Then, I realized that my brain was working on at least 4 things at once!!!

It was scary. Not that I wasn't concentrating on the road, but I was too!

Anyway, I was mentally exhausted by the time I got home.

When I opened my machine to continue my work, my mind just hit a wall. It just refused to work which is bad because I was supposed to work around 15-20hrs per day.

Hmmmm... I need to find a way to relax my brain and get it work at an optimum level. However, hard to find rest these days...


  1. Yeah encountered that before. The mind will be very tiring after that. So now I try to free my mind. Try to block the thoughts.

    Hey do you know Linkin Park is coming to Macau for a concert? Very tempting la!

  2. Agreed. Sometimes I experience the same thing too. While I was riding my bike...I was thinking about something else...then out of the sudden...I was home. Haha :D Talking about autopilot huh!

  3. I'm like that all the time. I think that's why I never get work done!

    Today's the day! See ya laters. ;-)

    Glory, Glory MAN UNITED!

  4. I am pretty bad at multi tasking, and I don't agree we should multitask. Somehow we are not properly focusing on the work at hand.

    I prefer to do one thing at a time. Saves time, less stress and produce better quality results : )

  5. Hi all!!

    Thanks for your comments!

    Che-Cheh - I had heard about them visiting Macau... Aiyoo... I wish I can go but can't project nightmare...

    Tekkaus - Alamak! I think it's dangerous when we try to do that while riding/driving, right?

    Chris - Yep!! I think we should not multi-task. We lose focus... What's with people loading us up double/triple times to get us to multi-task...

    foongpc - Yeah.. We should not multi-task or else, we lose concentration and will not be able to deliver to the best of our abilities. That's why I'm trying to destress my mind to just focus on one thing at a time but finding it hard to do.


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