July 15, 2009

Simple Dinner(s) @ Restoran Wei Hiong, Taman Desa

I just finished a 15-hour work day. And I'm not happy as I didn't complete most of the stuff I wanted to do. Granted that I set very high expectation on myself to complete 3 major documents by today. ;-)

Anyway, regardless of work; we need to still find time to eat/poo/pee/sleep. My friend said this, better not neglect your nature calls as your company will not pay for your new kidney/heart/lungs. It's much cheaper to pick someone off the street to do your job.. LOL!

I added the last line... Kekeke...

Nevertheless, I find time to have a sit-down dinner with my family at least once a week.

For this occasion, we went to the same restaurant twice in 2 weeks running. (^ ^)

Why? The food was tasty and reasonably priced.

The first time I went there was with both my parents, while the next one was with my sis and bro-in-law. In both occasions, we ordered simple food...


You've got to becareful to eat this dish as it is loaded with little chilli padi!!! The balance between being spicy while keeping the vegetables crisp is a challenge as you've got vegetables of various cooking times, i.e. 4-angled beans may take longer to cook than the eggplant.

The specialty chicken dish was a fried chicken stuffed with yam...


The reason why my Dad brought us to this restaurant was to try their specialty pork dish...


The pork belly was delicious! It was sliced finely and cooked gently with just the right amount of saltiness. Onions and ginger are added to enhance the flavour. Absolutely heavenly when you get a slice of "streaky bacon"...


The taufu dish was great. The taufu and tau kan which is actually soya-based products was drenched with the most delicious garlic-based sauce. Great with white rice.


For the other dinner, we ordered a different chicken dish and went for a Thai-based sauce. Again, the dish was peppered with lots of little chillis which were chopped finely to give the sauce a bit of kick.


The steamed eggplant was recommended by the staff at the restaurant. It was absolutely heavenly although it was oily as eggplants tend to soak up a lot of oil. We ordered a small plate but the next time we go back, we might go for a medium-sized plate. :-)

In the last dinner, we did order the pork belly dish again as it was my Dad's favourite. Boy, we've got to lay off the fatty food for a long while..



  1. Yeah! Company will not pay for our new organs right? Haha :D They will try to dispose us. ;P

    I love the pork dish too....aww....must be yummy!

  2. I like 4 heavenly kings dish. Yum yum. Never heard of fried chicken with yam dish before. But I love pork with yam. Haha

    All the dishes looks so gorgeous!

  3. wahsai....15 hrs a day...u r workaholic ler....maxis ppl dun work that long one ler...hehehe

  4. Hi all,

    Tekkaus - Hehehe.. We do what we can, right? If the staff is overworked, they won't produce as well. Remember the Golden Goose story...

    Che-Cheh - Pork with yam is still the best combo...

    vialentino - What to do.. We're in project mah... So, everything have to do fast to remain within budget and on time.


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