July 31, 2009

My B'day Dinner @ Monte's

It's finally the end of the month. *Phew*!!!

With the end of July, we must remember that there is only another 5 months left before the end of the year comes around... So, officially, we're in the 2nd half of 2009 now.


Now that Bangsar Shopping Centre has completed its face lift, I suggested that we head to Monte's for dinner as Dad misses the steaks there.

Monte's has undergone a major face lift too, where the place now looks like a very up market restaurant & wine bar. It has shed its western cowboy look of the 90's and early 00's.

The best part about Monte's is that after you've ordered your meal, they will serve you bread & butter. Most other restaurants will not provide this unless you order soup.


As for starters, my sis, bro-in-law and myself love the escargot served in garlic butter. It is decadent and sinful but we don't have it often. Kekeke...


Yes, escargot does mean SNAILS but these are not the ones you find in your garden-lah! It is a different variety and yes, maybe the snails can speak French... I used to be turned off by this dish but after tasting one, I realize how succulent snails can be! Now, I know why Snoopy love them snails in the garden when we had an infestation once. LOL!


Aside from all this, Monte's is great for their steaks. We ordered our usual beef sirloin and it was magnificent. The seasoning was just right and the meat was well rested before serving.


However, I did ask for Medium and it came out almost Well-Done which meant that the meat was a little too dry for my taste. Yes, I do like to see a little blood in my meat. *evil grin*

It was a simple birthday. It would have been nice if I had some Haagen Daz after dinner but we discovered that the ice-cream parlour was closed down after the face lift.

Well... Another year older... *sigh*


  1. If they overdo your steak, ask them to change. They killed ur steak :)

  2. Escargot served in garlic butter! Wow! This certainly will turn me off too. =/

  3. I'm not sure I dare to try the escargot. :P

  4. Hi all,

    TH - At first it was done right until I reached the middle... :( Anyway, I'll remind them the next time.

    Tekkaus - It is fantastic.. You should try. It taste a bit like lala..

    Che-Cheh - Try-la... Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Kekeke.. If you take the siput in Melaka, you can definitely try this.

  5. oh boy...i am too late to wish u...btw, happy blated bday to u....

    wah....the food really looks delicious....i cant go for food hunt for the mean time...

  6. Hi via,

    Thanks for the belated b'day wishes.

    Yeah, with baby around, it can get a bit hard.. :(

    It's ok.. I look forward to your cooking experiments too! ;-)

  7. happy belated birthday..

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Hi keeyit,

    Thanks! :-)

  10. Hi, I'm so way behind! Anyway, wishing you a happy belated birthday!

    Wow, the food at Monte's look good! I have eaten there once before, many years ago. I think even the bread and butter is making me hungry! Yummy!


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