July 11, 2009

So curious

Rusty and Snoopy finds something interesting beyond the fence...

There are times when we are so curious about what's it like beyond the other side of the fence.

Now, when we DO go over the fence and have our curiosity satisfied; do you feel that it was worth "jumping" over the fence? Or do you have regrets?

I'll have to admit that I feel like the latter at times but then, you can't turn back time, bla bla... So, I just suck it in and move on.

Life after all is about the journey, not the destination right?

Who knows, after you jump beyond the fence, you might find a pot of gold somewhere....


  1. Life is all about the decision right? Once we have made the mistake, there is no more turning back! All we can do is look straight and do our best. :D

    And just like what you said...life is about the journey. :D

  2. Well, curiosity did kill the cat, but not the dogs though. Haha!

    You'll never know what is on the other side unless you jump over and by that time, it's too late for any regrets, so never regret! : )

  3. Hi all,

    Tekkaus - There'll always be two sides to a decision. If you're OK with it.. Just move on. If your decision was bad, just have to suck it in and decide what to do next. ;-)

    vialentino - I DO jump when it is worth my while.. :P

    foongpc - Yeah... Don't regret the decision but see what you can take away from it.


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