July 19, 2009

Glory Glory Man United!!


It was brilliant. Awesome. Magnificent.

Oh yeah, Manchester United was great too. LOL!!

Yes, I'm describing our Malaysia XI, who managed to score 2 goals against the BPL champs in last night's match.

I had missed the last time MU came down to Malaysia - that was during the time when Beckham was still wearing no.7 and the Gaffer hadn't thrown the hairdryer at him yet... Kekeke...

Back then, there weren't many football or MU fans whom I knew. It didn't help that I was the only gal who was football crazy too. :-(

Yes, I've always been known to be a bit on the "devilish" side..

This time round, we had a gang of friends who went for the match and some die-hards within the group who shouted, screamed and laughed at the antics throughout the match. It was great fun...

Majulah sukan untuk negara...


We had made guesses on who would score last night. Some had expected Berbatov to strut his stuff but he proved to look like he didn't have much momentum. Granted that he had been marked but he didn't quite shine.

The "Red Sea"...

The stadium was quite packed by the time we were there at around 3:30pm. We had taken a good seat near the railing. It was good but the most irritating part was the people who just stood to block our view. The police didn't do anything about managing the crowds near the entrance/exit. This is a hazard. In other countries, this would not have happened.

Lucky the uncles sitting next to me had the balls to fxxk the people who blocked our view. Some idiots would just stand there to look up to find a seat at 5:25pm!!! WTF!!! The match starts at 5:30pm SHARP. No Malaysian Rubber Time please!!!!


We tried not to have those unpleasant folks spoil our fun. I believed the tickets were oversold and the stadium was filled to beyond capacity last night.

Another gripe.. Idiots who wear other team's colours/jerseys to an MU match. Cari pasal?? (looking for trouble)

How did I find the team's performance?

Rooney was like himself always - working hard as usual. I expected Rooney to deliver and he did. The euphoria of the 1st goal of the match was magnificent! We were jumping up and down when he scored.


Next came Nani and he did his trademark back flip. I wonder if the Gaffer had a mini heart attack when Nani did that...

Of course, I was excited to see Michael Owen come on the pitch. He's a lot shorter than most of the players and I do hope that he will be able to contribute some goals in the coming season. Everyone was chanting his name to get him to come on during the 2nd half. My guess is that Michael Owen has come to MU to retire. I wonder how many years has he got left as a striker?


I was thrilled to see my favourite player come on the pitch during the last few minutes of the 2nd half. Ryan Giggs is brilliant on the pitch despite his age. An Old Guard from the legendary 11 who won the Treble back in '99...


At the end of the match, the players graciously lined up to shake hands. There was none of the "nonsense" of our Malaysian players running after the MU players to get their jersey. This time round, if they wished to exchange, it was graciously done so.

Outside the stadium, there was a carnival-like atmosphere where vendors of all kinds sold food, souvenirs and drinks. There were not enough adequate waste bins (as usual) and so, folks had no choice but to dump their stuff near lamp posts and what not.


Even the pedestrian bridge to the stadium was "premium" location for folks to ply their goods. This proved to be a clog point in the human traffic after the match when everyone was trying to get home. As usual, traffic police and/or stadium officials were lacking. *sigh*


I couldn't resist but to grab a few souvenirs for myself. I got the t-shirt and some key-chains to commemorate the night. I was hoping that I can get my MUFC flag and scarf but those were no where to be seen. Looks like I should have gotten it when I was in UK so many years back.

It was a great night for both MU and Malaysian soccer. Now, if only they can play that well against teams within our region so that we can qualify for the next World Cup? :-P

Glory Glory Man United!!!! The Reds keep marching on on on!!!


  1. Agree man! The police & stadium officials were not doing their job. Too bad I didn't get to enjoy the game like you did. Should have depart from the house before 12pm hahaha.

  2. We battled the heat, humidity and horrible people!

    And to cap off the win, it was new boy Owen. Who would've guessed that, eh?

    Glory, Glory Man United indeed my friend!

  3. Yer....I wish I could be there too. Arrgghhhh...too bad I had too many things to attend.

    The Malaysian team did great right? I mean the first match. Only losing out by one goal. What happened if Owen didn't score?

  4. i wish to be there and miss the stadium crowd cheers...

  5. So you are a huge fan of MU? I can't stand the crowds! And people blocking my view will definitely irritate me!

    Of course if you are fan, all these are minor irritations, right? : )

  6. Hi all,

    Che-Cheh - Yeah, and after the game, massive jam at the pedestrian bridge. Lucky we spotted the shortcut to LRT station & main road...

    Chris - Owen's goal was just plain sweet... Great that he started off his goal scoring sheet with MU in KL.. Hope that it just increases with time.

    Tekkaus - If Owen don't score.. Giggs will during extra time.. LOL!

    vialentino - The atmosphere was hot, sticky but fun. Only yuck part was the irritating people...

    foongpc - Yep, been a big fan since I got intro into Division 1 (in early 90's) and then Premier League by schoolmates who used to name school sports club colours after England Clubs.. Kekeke...


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