July 23, 2009


Did I gas you?? Really??

Sometimes, you just can't help being flabbergasted.

I know that I'll be hitting one of my yearly milestones soon but I just can't help thinking about some of the other milestones I've hit.

What got me thinking was when I tuned into LiteFM and found out that songs they start to play are hits from 80's... songs which I grew up with.

That's when it HIT me.

I'm getting to be an Old FART.

I was having a quick chat with EV and she said that she is about to reach her 1st decade with the current company that she is working for. It is an achievement and deserves some sort of medal but there is no such appreciation for loyalty from her company. Her sister, who works in the same place has been with the same company for more than 20 years...

It is kind of a flabbergasted moment too as I can't imagine to stay in a company for more than 10yrs. At the current company where I'm at, there's a special "club" to join when you hit 25yrs of service... So, assuming that you started working for that company at 21, when you hit 25yrs, you'll be at least 46yrs old. Whoa.

I'd guess what I'm getting at is longevity - how long you can stay at something for the long run.

Flabbergasted, eh?


  1. Flabbergasted? Indeed. Hahaha :D That's a bombastic word. It's been awhile since I last saw anybody used that word. :D

    Well...time flies...I feels that I am old too. But it can't be helped. Life goes on. =/

  2. Yeah... I remember this word from my teacher or something.

    Life does go on... and on... and on...


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