July 28, 2009

347th Post - 28th July 2009

Nothing spectacular reaching my 347th post.

Anyway, I hate it when my birthday happens to fall in the middle of the week. It makes it very odd for me to take the day off to enjoy myself.

With work/project being so stressful due to human/inhumane factors, I find it hard to enjoy myself this year.

I just found some very interesting photos on my mobile phone which I've not posted before.. I think. Kekeke... It brings back memories of when I used to have a desk and phone in the office - a place to call my own. At least back then, I had a proper place to sit to work. Unlike now, me being the turtle/nomad, camping around the office.

Oh well.. 347th post.. Another load of crap... LOL!!


  1. So your birthday is coming lar? Ha :D When is it? Anyway I wanna wish you Happy Birthday in advance. What is Snoopy getting for you this year? :P

  2. So you are a nomad in your office. This is very interesting. But I prefer to have my own table! :D

  3. Still nomad?

    Yeah it's kinda weird eh taking the mid week off for ourself. Somehow don't feel right... even if the situation is not that busy.

    Happy Advance Birthday! Is today your birthday?

  4. haha same same, i hate it when it falls on wed.. if it's on tues or thurs.. i'll take two days.. but if wed.. it's like a bit too much to take 3 days.. :p

  5. wah...wish u happy bday first...i will be away for teambuilding this week...hope u have a enjoyable bday celebration...

  6. Hi all!

    Thanks for the b'day wishes..

    Tekkaus - I prefer to have my own place too.. Snoopy? She will give me her licks and requests for belly rubs.

    Che-Cheh - Yeah, I prefer to take either the beginning or end of the week off.

    Jys - Yeah... unless I have to clear my annual leave, I find it hard to take 3 days off. :P

    vialentino - Thanks man! Hope you have a great time at team building.


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