July 13, 2009

More Manual Fun

It was a full moon night. I realized it was a full moon as the garden was especially bright that night (we didn't turn on the porch lights)

My only wish was that I had a zoom lens... I've not tried night photography before and I know the implications of shooting at a light source...

1/8sec, F/5.6, 55mm, ISO400, Manual Mode, Tungsten WB

I've not got a chance to play around with my "M" mode for a while and so, decided to give it a try.

For post-production, I thought of trying out the Radial Blur and got some favourable results. I didn't want to bump up the exposure as it would introduce a lot of noise.

0.3sec, F/5.6, ISO800, 55mm, Manual Mode, Shade WB

I took this photo using different settings with the silhouette of our curry leaves tree in the garden.

I took the photos by leaning against the wall for support and keeping my arms close to my body for stability. It would be good to setup a tripod but I'm lazy to do so. Kekekeke...

There is some work done in the post-production process in order to make the photos stand out and I'm quite satisfied with my first attempt at night photography.

My goal is to take photos of the night sky as I've always wanted to do so when I was heading the Astronomy club in school. However, that would need a lot of specialized equipment, some big gun lens, remote release and a whole lot of stuff. Back in those days, there was special lens and photographic film made for night photography. These days, it is a lot more easier with digital equivalents.


  1. A mystery feel in the first photo. Nice. :)

    The curry leaves tree in circular motion... how did you do that?

  2. nice picture taken!

  3. Nice shots! The second photo really stands out I think. It feels really special...and lonely too. LOL ;P

  4. Nice picture...


  5. I like both the photos! : )

  6. Hi all,

    Che-Cheh - Use Radial Blur... Quite a nice tool to use!

    vialentino - Thanks!

    Tekkaus - Thanks.. I suddenly had that feeling too after looking at the shot again.

    keeyit - Thanks!

    foongpc - Thanks! Glad to know that you liked it. ;-)


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