July 03, 2009

Delayed Publishing

Hate to use a techie term but I've finally figured out Blogger's "delayed publishing", in the sense that I've figured out Blogger's Post Options for a blog entry.

"Delayed publishing" is perhaps a feature in most publishing systems, where you may want to delay the release or publishing of an article or item to a future date even when the article or item has been created completely.

The reasons why this feature is set so that you can have some sort of scheduled release of articles without manually having to do it. Basically, the system where you publish your article in is smart enough to delay the publishing based on a set date and time.

This is different from drafts where your article is not at the completed stage and hence, even when you save your article, it would not publish until you hit the publish button. And, if the schedule is set right, the article would be published at the preset date and time.

Sorry for being so techie... The curse of working in the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and Portal space for the past few years...

Anyway, I've tried this option previously and it didn't work out. After I hit the "Publish Post" button, the article was published anyway, displaying the future date and time correctly but in reality, the article wasn't supposed to be published yet.

1. First Things First..
If you expand the Post Options link a the bottom of the editor in Blogger, you are able to set the Post date and time of your entry.

Click the image for a bigger view

2. Set the Post date and time
Set the date and time to the future date. For example, if I wish to have this article published on 4th July 2009, I'll set it based on the date format configured.

The tricky bit is for time, as it follows the 24-hour format, which means 12am is actually 00:00, while 7:00pm is actually 19:00

Once all of this is set, just hit the Publish Post button like you normally do, sit back and relax. ;-)

Oh yeah... Blogger will indicate to you that the article's publishing will be scheduled...

Hope the tip helps. BTW, did you know that this article's publishing was scheduled too... (^_^)


  1. this function is very useful ler....always use this when i got too many topics to publish it ler...

  2. It's the same with Wordpress. :)

    I rarely use scheduled publishing.

    Yes I figured you must be using scheduled publishing for this post. Hehe

  3. To be honest...I have never use it. But I might want to use it when I'm really away for say...a long, long time. :D

  4. Oh, I use this feature all the time. I sometimes have written several posts but I don't want to publish them daily (I realised publishing daily is pointless as most of my readers don't read my blog daily - they don't have the time!) so I scheduled all the posts to be published at later dates : )

  5. Hi all,

    Thanks for the comments. Been a bit busy to blog a bit. Hehehe...

    Previously I tried to use this option but it didn't work. Anyway, glad that Google got all the kinks worked out in the system for this to happen!

    vialentino - Hahaha.. Figured you must be using this..

    Che-Cheh - It's actually very very useful...

    Tekkaus - If you blog very often, you might not use it.. :P But for busy people, good to have stuff scheduled...

    foongpc - Yep, it's a great idea... Yeah, not everyone will read the blog every other day and it becomes quite tough to manage after a while.


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