July 09, 2009

Breakfast of Champions...

You'll have to admit that this has got to be one of Malaysia's most favourite breakfast item...


When my uncles from Australia come back to KL for a visit, one of the first stops for breakfast would be at the local Indian restaurant to fulfill their Roti Canai crave.

I think one of my uncles can sit down to have 3 pieces of the Roti Kosong (no filling) with a Thosai as well.

My family often goes to this particular restaurant near the Universiti Hospital for our Roti Canai breakfast during the weekends. I don't have it during the normal weekdays as I either have bread, yogurt or cereal in the morning before I rush off to work.

Now, our favourite accompaniment with roti is...


This makes for a very complete "meal" (unhealthy.. :( ) and so, Roti Canai is sometimes a brunch thing that we do over the weekends.

Of course, roti being just pure carbohydrates will not last us beyond 2 or 3 hours and so, we have to take some fruits as fibre to keep us full.

Now that my uncle from Perth is down in KL, I wonder if we would be taking him there for Roti this weekend...


  1. Uhhh roti canai. Yes fav!
    I like my roti canai with dhal. Wohoo

  2. The first picture is abit yellowish. Try to take the roti canai from a higher angle where you can reveal the roti canai and the gravvy. The second pics proves abit hard for amateur photographer like me too. Again, try to use different lighting or white balance setting to make the meat and the gravvy be differentiated :)

  3. 1 of the most sinful food ever in Malaysia.

    but it's nice la. so don reli care. jz don eat so much :D

  4. Roti canai? I eat it almost everyday. LOL :P I don't know...it's spicy with the sambal, satiating and bets of all cheap. And of course it goes well with Teh Tarik!LOL ;P

  5. Hi all,

    Che-Cheh - Yum.. Dhal + Fish Curry is my favourite...

    Crazywrazy - Thanks for the tips & comments. Notice that the 45 degree angle is like the magic angle.. Anyway, was focusing on the roti and not the gravy as the gravy didn't quite look nice. WB was yellowish as entire place was yellowish and I used the indoor settings. Didn't want to use flash as I didn't have a diffuser. Am learning how to use natural light for my food photos. Hehehe... When you see my other post next week, you'll see the WB problem more clearly. Need to do post-prod... *sigh*...

    Alvin - Yeah, indulgence... once in a while mah...

    Tekkaus - You're right.. Don't know why the whole package goes well with teh tarik!! LOL!!

  6. Gosh! The photos are making me hungry and it's 12.45am! : )

  7. Hi foong,

    Sorry to make you hungry.. But that means that I've made your next day's breakfast decision, right?


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