January 19, 2008

Are You Honest?

This little thought occurred to me as I was going home after a great workout session at the gym on Wednesday.

Recently, this particular shopping complex has decided to change the parking rates from a per-entry charge to hourly rates. That means, staying any longer at this shopping complex is going to be more expensive!!

As I walked towards the parking lot, two businessmen walked behind me. I happened to pick up their conversation... Not that they were speaking softly either...

Businessman #1: Parking here is hourly now...
Businessman #2: Yeah.. RM1.50 per hour!
Businessman #1: Yeah but the gym here can stamp your ticket and give you RM3 flat rate.
Businessman #2: Ok...
Businessman #1: Come, let's go and get it stamped!
Businessman #2: But, we are not from the gym...
Businessman #1: Don't worry... We just go in......

I didn't care to listen any further.

Seems to me that I happened to run into a couple of "scrupulous" businessmen.

How many of you are really honest?

Would you try to manipulate the system to cater for your own "selfish" needs?

January 08, 2008

New Year, New Beginning

A new year has begun.

I'm in the midst of changing the look and feel of my blog. I'll just be revamping the layout a little bit so that my blog gets a "fresh coat of web paint". (^ ^)

Meanwhile, all I can put up is a new blog banner. Hehehe... Thanks to Snoopy, who's my camwhore. LOL!!!

In terms of resolutions, I hate to make it because I find it soooo hard to keep!

Anyway, I did manage to keep one of last year's resolution, i.e. - LOSE WEIGHT by joining the gym. I often wonder why I didn't think of joining before.... Oh yea, probably because it was so expensive then. :-P

I still have a long way to go in terms of getting into shape but I can report that I'm healthier and a lot stronger physically than before. Just last night, I was forced to do a bicep/tricep curl with a 17.5kg weight!!! That's about.. 2.5x the weight of Snoopy!!!

My resolution this year is probably just the same - LOSE WEIGHT and also STAYING POSITIVE. For those who do know me personally, I tend to be very negative and am a "half-glass-full" kind of person. So, I hope to exude confidence and positive energies to those around me this year. Hehehe.. Kind of like being The Sun. LOL!!!

To all of you out there, hope that 2008 will be the year you can keep your resolutions!!!! (^ ^)
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