January 19, 2008

Are You Honest?

This little thought occurred to me as I was going home after a great workout session at the gym on Wednesday.

Recently, this particular shopping complex has decided to change the parking rates from a per-entry charge to hourly rates. That means, staying any longer at this shopping complex is going to be more expensive!!

As I walked towards the parking lot, two businessmen walked behind me. I happened to pick up their conversation... Not that they were speaking softly either...

Businessman #1: Parking here is hourly now...
Businessman #2: Yeah.. RM1.50 per hour!
Businessman #1: Yeah but the gym here can stamp your ticket and give you RM3 flat rate.
Businessman #2: Ok...
Businessman #1: Come, let's go and get it stamped!
Businessman #2: But, we are not from the gym...
Businessman #1: Don't worry... We just go in......

I didn't care to listen any further.

Seems to me that I happened to run into a couple of "scrupulous" businessmen.

How many of you are really honest?

Would you try to manipulate the system to cater for your own "selfish" needs?


  1. and they are businessmen??????

  2. Can't really say that i'm 100% honest... tactful white lies are sometimes essential :) ........... but being unscrupulous/unethical is a no no.

    What the "business men" did is just low.... maybe it really reflects the "business" mindset in Malaysia? :D

  3. They don't need to cheat, really!! If you're to go for window shopping or even really shopping, lets say bout 2 hours on average(unless you're a shopaholic), you still pay rm 3, so what's the point?? By the way, how do you know both of them were businessmen?? Your accomplice ar? Wakaka, joking!!

  4. wa. they parked their cars there whole week is it? if not, shouldn't have that much different what. anyway, the gym should ask the person to prove he is a member before stamping it.

  5. Cannot help! I won't declare myself as 100% honest, so do you, right? Sometimes we just need to be dishonest. If we have been honest all the time, some other people might want to take advantage on us.

  6. hahaa.. seems this is the standard behaviour of Malaysian le.. I can say almost 80% of people are like that lol..

  7. Don't tell me the gym will blindly stamp their parking tickets without asking for identification....

    But I think if one can manipulate the system, one will do it...(based on human trait)

  8. Hi everyone!

    zewt - yep.. they were. dressed up in their normal shirt, tie n pants.

    vincent - hahahaa... kiasu businessmen? hehehe.. i agree, hard to say that we're 100% honest. what about the white lies we tell others and ourselves?

    sylvester - lol! yeap, even i don't take > 2hrs at the gym. nope.. they were just walking behind me... :-S

    alvin - yeap.. but not sure if the gym personnel will cave in or not. lol...

    jam - hahaha.. yeap. sometimes, hv to be a bit smart but i think it's really cheapskate of them to be so cheapskate about parking.

    keeyit - hey! great to see you again. hahaa.. yea, our kiasu spirit to manipulate the system.. always.

    che-cheh - hmmm... that's true. if given the opportunity, most of us will manipulate/abuse the system to the max. however, would we have guilty feelings after that? (^ ^)


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