March 30, 2006

Effective Blogging & Other Stuff

It has been quite a while since I've blogged something.

I've been rather caught up with some development work on a couple of projects at work. Both of which were part of an "inheritance" from my predecessor. Anyway, it's a challenge as I've got to work with some neat stuff like Quartz and the Apache Commons API libraries. In terms of the open source applications, I love and hate it at times. The best part is that when you hit a problem, chances are the open source community already has an answer for you. ;)

Anyway, I came across this little tidbit while surfing and found a very interesting video about "Effective Professional Blogging". Have a looksy. My blog probably fails on all counts.

Haha... On the subject of videos, have a look at this parody of Microsoft redesigning the iPod box which I found while poking around :)

Enjoy! I'll try to come up with some techie stuff especially relating to Java. :)

March 16, 2006

Puzzles for Java - try this out!!

Good news! There is a site where you can listen to both Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter present their Java Puzzlers.

Have a look here -->

Its pretty interactive as well and so, you have a chance to flex your Java muscle. ;)

March 15, 2006

Puzzles for Java!

I'm a big fan of puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzles (heck, my dog's name was previously "Jigsaw"), Sudoku, model airplanes/cars, crossword puzzles, anything that gets my frontal cortex going.

To my embarrassment, I've discovered that my last entry on this blog was on Feb 23rd!! Well, I hope to blog more often... ** fingers crossed **

Anyway, I've been rather busy with another work-related "code puzzle" lately and hence, my blog has been very quiet lately. Besides that, I've been looking into ways to enhance this bland blog. :) Not that Blogger isn't providing us "blogospherians" pretty templates and add-ons for our blogs, just that the stuff is probably very basic for non-paying "blogospherians". (Read cheapskate...^_^ )

Oh well, my last post was about some trivial code challenge on how to write infinite loops using the "for" loop in Java. Well, today, I came across this very nice article at Sun's Java Developer Network. Its none other than Java Puzzlers, written by Joshua Bloch (Effective Java) and Neal Gafter.

I've got a copy of Effective Java and it really does blow your mind away about how to write good code. Well, in Java Puzzlers, the book will deal with how not to write bad code, by showing puzzles and having you solve them.

So, if you feel like cracking that noggin of yours with some code puzzles, go ahead and knock yourself out. You can download their code puzzles from the Java Puzzlers website. Meanwhile, I'm still pretty busy with my Sudoku and work-related "code puzzle" as well, and so, might not attempt this for now.

Have fun then... Later...
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