August 19, 2009

Been Sick...

My blog has been a bit quiet lately.... I know.

I've been sick for the past few days. Also, been busy with work, hence; being sick and working my @ss off for work.

Even if I do tell the PMs that I'm not feeling well, they will still bombard me with work. *sigh*... Not only that, they will still call me. I don't turn off my phone as I still receive important calls from other folks.

Today, there was a directive from HR to all staff that should you have flu-like symptoms, please do not come into the office or client's site and seek medical treatment ASAP.

I think even if I do both, I'll be expected to continue working. Yes, my PMs are THAT sadistic.

One of my colleagues who just went to have a medical check-up because he felt some chest discomfort was told off by the PM that it was NORMAL and that he didn't have anything to fear. In fact, the doctor did tell him something and he's taking some action to take care of his cholesterol levels to prevent heart problems later in life.


Anyway, do be patient. I've got loads of photos to upload and stuff to blog about for the past 2-3 weeks.

Stay tuned...


  1. Been wondering where have you gone too. Hmm being sick n work. Not good la.

    Get well soon.

  2. What kind of PM is that? My...this PM is full of himself/herself! Anyway you have enough rest. :D

  3. maxis-ibm really worked u all out...better rest ler...told u dun so pok meng....when comes to PE, then u know ler....wanna score outstanding is score commendable is another, no matter how hard u work, u get a good PE rating only.

  4. oh do take care of yourself. this thing don't play play wor. tell those PMs to go ..... or just play with themselves whilst you take a couple of days off to rest. Rest is one of the best cure for flu.

  5. Get well soon, yeah. Then we can celebrate Manchester United beating the rest of the teams!


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