August 10, 2009

My Weekends Have Meaning Again!!

Ok Ok... It's another 5/6 days before the new football season begins...

Yes, my Sat/Sun nights have meaning again.

Meanwhile, bookmark this for BPL fixtures --> here.


  1. Ouh...and I thought what you are referring. You are talking about the new BPL is it? Yupe! I can't wait either. :p

  2. damn it...MU lost in the Charity Shield game...

  3. Ohh u mean football. I thought you go buy the lens liao. :P

  4. Hi all!

    Tekkaus - Football = Life! Kekeke...

    Vialentino - No worries. The last time we lost to Chelski, we were Kings of Europe!! Maybe history will repeat itself!

    Che-Cheh - Soon... Soon... Need budget-le..


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