August 27, 2009

Belated Birthday Dinner @ Oh! Sushi

EV decided to give me a birthday dinner a couple of weeks back.... This is perhaps one of the two times she is ever nice to me...

Me: Oi... When are you going to take me go 逛街, shopping, 吃大餐阿?
EV: When I'm free-la...
Me: Cheh... Every time also you like that...
EV: Ok-la!! On the 15th can or not, it's my "Merdeka"..

So, we had time to go for a movie, some shopping and a good dinner. It has been some time since we both went out shopping...

For dinner, I decided to go for Japanese as we couldn't decide on what else to eat. The funny thing is, I had Japanese food with the rest of the gang too.. Kekeke...

Oh! Sushi has been one of my favourite Japanese restaurants for a long time. I've not been back to the place since they had a face lift.

The one thing different about Oh! Sushi is that this restaurant is non-halal, which means that we can get pork.. :P


EV had her usual unagi. She can't seem to get enough of them eels.. Which explains why she is quite "slimy" at times.. LOL!


I wanted to have some salmon sashimi but wanted to have some rice too. So, in the end, I had a mini salmon don instead.


EV had craving for some seafood and we found the grilled scallops to be delicious! This reminded us of the time when we had giant scallops in Melbourne after a road trip with friends.


Both of us can't live without salad... We decided to try the Papaya Salad which was spicy with little chilli padi. Certainly a Thai-inspired dish although I'm not a big fan of spicy Thai food..


We enjoyed the stir-fried asparagus with bacon. Yes, it is unhealthy but I didn't take the fat but savoured the smoky taste of the bacon with the asparagus.


We certainly enjoyed this pork mayo dish which had a bit of chilli in it for slight kick. Plenty of onions, and some bean sprouts accompanied this dish, making it a bit more "balanced". The pork slices were not too fat too but sliced thin enough to be grilled.

EV: You must be very happy now...
Me: Why?
EV: Because you had your pork...

LOL!! Yes... I'm your typical chinese.. I must have some pork in my diet from time to time.


  1. Non-halal ar? wah must try then. Hehe

  2. yeah...very long time...busy managing projects as few projects coming to process is so simple...

    wahliow...making me hungry in office now ler....sighhh

  3. War...looks very delicious huh! So good people treated you for your birthday. I love the look of the scallop! :p

  4. Hi all,

    Che-Cheh - It's a nice place.. People tend to go for the ramen.

    vialentino - LOL.. IBM's process is simple... Kekeke.. Oh well, I'm also doing a few multiple things at once too!! Hehehe... I'm also hungry looking at my photos.. More to come!

    Tekkaus - The scallops was delicious. :-) Well, EV owes me a birthday...

  5. I haven't tried this restaurant before. Went to Yuzu @ Gardens last week and the food was delicious! Will try this - they have one in Mid Valley right? The food looks so yummy! : )


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