August 13, 2009

Some "Me" Time


I've been longing for some "Me" time lately... Yes, spending some time alone to do my own stuff, contemplate life, bla bla...

Well, I wouldn't go THAT DEEP... LOL!!

Sometimes, I just want to have some "Me" time to do stuff which I like, i.e. go look at books or just sit around and look at people... i.e. LEPAK?

It's good to take a breather now and again - especially when you have a lot of daily stresses from a very very demanding project.

In one banking project a looong time ago, my PM used to say to us, "come, let's go minum" after we've had a very long (& absolutely stressful) day at the client's site. During that time, we would just sit, have a bit of tea; and just keep quiet. He would just sit quietly and study folks as they walk by the stall or sit nearby. Of course, he will "cuci mata" (oggle) but it was subtle, so much so that you can't notice it at all!! He was one cool dude, the epitome of grace under pressure.

That's probably one quality I find hard to master... Probably because I have a short fuse and am a perfectionist, I am my own nightmare at times.

So, I should take a lesson from Snoopy - just sit, relax and just stare out into space. Yeah, you might fall asleep in the process but then, taking naps is good for us!


  1. You are your own nightmares at time? are indeed a perfectionist! ;D Well...sometimes I want to be alone and rest too. Ha :D

  2. Quiet contemplation is very much a personal thing. But I think everyone should do it for their own sanity. Also, it's cheaper than going to the club. Haha!

    Sunday we shall begin our march. Yes, the Red Devil march!

  3. Yeah take a ME time this weekend. Go lepak! I never try lepak actually. Huhuhu

  4. one word for you then... re-lax :)

  5. My best metime recently was a gift box a friend bought me. It was full of fantastic soap goodies. To have a quiet soak all to myself was wonderful. She got it from company called MeTime at it really helped to calm my life.


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