August 26, 2009

Slowly Recovering...


Little Rusty is recovering from his little operation... He got neutered last Friday... Stitches will be out this Saturday...

So am I....

I finally had to take an MC when I woke up feeling extremely exhausted with runny nose and sore throat yesterday. While on my way to work, I felt really really tired and just made a U-turn to see the doctor.

The doc said that I had a throat infection after I told him that I've been having a dry cough and bad chest congestion for the last couple of weeks. I also had low grade fever which I got at night too, making me feel very warm and tired the next day.

The doc said that the reason why I'm so tired is that my body is completely exhausted from all that "infection wars" which raged within my body for the last few weeks. He said, "Now, your body needs external help.". So, he gave me an MC.

I went home, took my medicine, went to sleep and ignored all calls/SMS on my mobile.

I knew that I should have gone to see the doc earlier but work was in the way. Frankly, I don't know why I work so damn hard when I'm not appreciated for the effort I put in... Stupid eh?

Nevertheless, after a full day of rest, I feel much more energetic now although I had some slight fever and body ache earlier in the day... I also started working today too.

Will try to de-stress and keep calm despite the powers-that-be above me giving all the stress...

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  1. Get well soon. Drink more water ya.


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