March 28, 2010

Japanese Food Fired Up @ Sushi Zen, Gardens MidValley

Another post on food... Haha!

Actually, I wanted to post up this picture I took while having lunch at Sushi Zen, Gardens Midvalley.


We happened to sit at the counter for lunch and had a good view of the kitchen. So, we could watch all the food that were prepared for all the customers.

It's not everyday that you get to see a blowtorch in action. The dish prepared was probably grilled salmon tataki or grilled cod roe on salmon sushi which is delicious.

Anyway, we ordered some boring stuff...


Yasai tempura....


Unagi don...

Both were absolutely delicious. Anyway, Sushi Zen is just another name for the Sushi Zanmai franchise and so, the food was expected to be of good quality at a reasonable price.

Yum... It certainly prepared me for the "Mad Hatter's Tea" later that day. :-)


  1. Goodness....this is how they cooked those food? Arrrggg...

  2. Anonymous3:38 pm

    I like tempura. But sometimes, the set tempura meal in some restaurants can be quite a big portion.

  3. Unagi still is my favourite.. hehe..

  4. Hi all,

    Tekkaus - Not all food... Just those which require a grilled surface. :) It's quite safe actually & saves a lot of time.

    Mei Teng - Yeah... The yasai tempura we ordered is ala carte and so, just nice for 2 person to share.

    keeyit - Haha!! My friend is nuts about unagi too. We always must have unagi don whenever we have Japanese...

  5. Blowtorch huh... COOL.

    The tempura looks lovely. I had one the other day... fakey tempura. It's more like frying where the crispy part is brown in color. I guess the oil is not at the right temperature.

  6. ooo yummy ler...ur work palce is so near to shopping mall unlike here

  7. I love unagi!!! And no, it's not at all boring!! : )

  8. Hi Angie..
    I like de way u shoot de Food Photography...


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