March 02, 2010

CNY Over, A Dry Spell of Holidays Until May...

Feeling awfully tired as I've just gotten back from the gym.

Yes, the CNY holidays are over.... Time to get back to work and other stuff. Less partying and etc...

Time to hit the gym to lose those extra kilos gained over the 15-day celebration. Hehehe.. :P

However, if you have been "behaving" yourself, you don't have to feel all that guilty about indulging a little during the CNY festivities, right?

Meanwhile, I'd guess everyone will be working hard in the next 2 months as there isn't that many public holidays unless you happen to be in Sabah/Sarawak for Good Friday.

Ok.. So, hope everyone will have a smooth sailing Year of the Tiger... *ROAARR*


  1. I didn't behave my self and I don't wanna do anything about it. :(

  2. My party is not over yet. One last seafood restaurant to visit this weekend. Haha


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