April 23, 2010

Meeting @ Noon...

I seem to have stumbled upon an afternoon meeting. I didn't mean to interrupt it...


Haha! It is a rare sight to see both Snoopy (on the right) & Rusty (on the left) sun-bathing so close to each other. Usually Snoopy will lean against the wall to catch the rays, while Rusty will be rolling around on the grass.

Yes.... The brown spots you see were contributed by both dogs'..... urine! Their urine kills our grass. So, there are brown spots all over the garden.

Anyway, ever since the weather has gotten too hot or has been raining too often, both dogs don't sunbathe on the grass. They sit on the porch to catch the rays.

Makes you wish that you can do something fun for the rest of Friday, huh?

Have a good one folks!

P/S: Docs' appointment went pretty well. One doctor was happy with my progress, while the other was not happy that my bp shot up a little bit. Got to visit one of them again next month... *sigh*


  1. Anonymous8:41 am

    Lovely dogs! :)

  2. Haha perhaps they are good friend now.

  3. Aww....maybe two of them knew that you are going to snap them? :p

  4. dylan is doing fine now....under doctor treatment and recovering...

    yeah, anything wrong with babies...just send to doctor only...


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