April 28, 2010

Dr. KS Wong Visits @ Delicious, BVII

Ahh.... It is good to be back!

Yes... This blog has been pretty silent lately due to a lot of stuff going on around me. Work has been ok but I've been preoccupied with "helping friends with their farms/cafe"... and also "cooking/farming" at my own "cafe/farm" too. Kekeke...

It's coming to the end of April and yes... It's that DREADED time of the year again. Submitting your income taxes and HOPING (and PRAYING) that you don't have to pay a huge sum back to the government.

Just a tip... Do submit your stuff before 11pm, because if you have to pay, the e-payment system shuts down at 11pm.

Ok.. Enough about such depressing items.

Last month, a very good friend of mine dropped by KL for a visit. As usual, it was a last minute thing and I had to scramble to schedule a lunch gathering with the gang.


She is a doctor working in Melbourne who is currently taking a sabbatical. She is about to start a program helping the obstetrics department in one of the hospitals in Papua New Guinea in June and so, she was down for a short visit before she had to fly off to the US. Yep, my friend, Dr. KS Wong is a "gynae-girl" (joke from Scrubs.. if you didn't catch it).

My friend is a fan of Delicious and so, we decided to meet up there for food and drinks.

When my friends are at Delicious, they do not think about calories... which is very bad but taste oh so good! Anyway, this time round, I was excited to just take photos but not indulge together with them.


Each person decided to order their own dish while sharing a salad. Our friend CPP would have approved of that...


I decided to order my favourite open-faced sandwich, which was the Chicken and Avocado sandwich. The chicken and avocado was on a piece of toasted rye bread. Absolutely filling and yummy. If you're not a fan of avocado, you may not like this sandwich at all...


The rest ordered some of the popular dishes...


The pesto spaghetti with grilled chicken.


Chicken and Leek pot pie

Another friend ordered the ever popular Mama's Bolognaise Spaghetti which was just so full of beefy flavour. A good choice if you're in a "meaty" sort of mood.

Our doctor friend went for a healthy Thai Beef Salad supplemented with white rice. She's a fan of white rice and I vividly remembered that during winter-time in Melbourne, her favourite food was fermented taufu with white rice...


As for dessert (something which I can't have.. :(...) The gang ordered their favourite... a chocolate cake while Dr Wong decided to try Delicious' specialty ice-cream..


The cake is absolutely sinful. Moist chocolate cake drowning in chocolate sauce, topped with rich vanilla ice-cream. I don't think I want to count the number of calories in that 1 dish alone. Anyway, the gang finished it all very quickly.


What was interesting was the ice-cream my friend ordered. It is lemon grass with lychee. As weird as it sounds, the combination does work. The subtle sweetness of the lychee mixed with the freshness of the lemon grass makes the ice-cream quite refreshing and not too "milky".

Oh well, I think we'll be making another visit to this place soon enough when Dr Wong stops by KL again before she heads down to Papua New Guinea... More food for me to photograph.. Yay!!


  1. Ooh! I love that chicken and avocado sandwich!

    Wow! The chocolate cake with ice cream toppings looked sinfully delicious!!

    Hmm, never tried lemon grass with lychee ice cream. Must remember to try this weird combo ice cream next time I go Delicious!!

    Oh, who cares about the calories? Eat first, then regret later! Hahaha!!

  2. Anonymous8:24 am

    Avocado is my fav! I love them in sandwiches and salads. I am a fan of Delicious too. My fav dish is the seafood spaghettini.

  3. Woooo really sinful especially the chocolate cake.

  4. Hi Foong, Mei Teng, Che-Cheh,

    foongpc - Looks like a lot of ppl r fans of Delicious. :P Anyway, the last time I was at Delicious BVII I couldn't find the ice-cream stand they had because the Delicious store isn't there anymore. Will have to check the FB page abt it.

    Mei Teng - I love avocado in my food too! Especially in salads. :)

    Che-Cheh - Yea.. So sinfully delicious! :P


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