January 02, 2007

Mixed Feelings...


My glorious 13 days back in Malaysia are up...

Am I happy about it? Yes!

Am I sad about it? Not sure.

Whatever it is, I am grateful that I managed to come back in time before the airports were closed due to fog. I believed that God intervened for us to come back home. I managed to celebrate my Dad's 62nd b'day and also caught up with my good old friend who came back from Melbourne for Christmas too.

A lot of people said that the UK folks were very kind in letting us come back to KL for Christmas as there were no tickets. I'm still wondering who is going to foot the bill though.. o_O

Anyway, a lot of people asked me if I am excited to work in UK. I told them, not really as the nature of my work is not my first choice but it is still overseas work experience. I did mention that I may not be suited to the UK work culture but then, I was there only for a short period of time, it is not right of me to pass judgement too quickly.

Oh well, I will be flying off soon. Hope that the flight will go well as I'll be flying from KL-Singapore-Amsterdam-East Midlands.

Meanwhile, have a great start to 2007 everyone!!!


  1. Yea, be glad that you got the chance to come back for New Year celebration....just hang on for 2 months and you can come back for CNY ! :P so nice. haha

    The bill...good luck to you and Kal. -_-
    I've no idea as well.

  2. Hahahaa...

    I'm glad I got a chance to come back too. I'll be hanging on for about 4 weeks and then, I'll be back for CNY.

    Hopefully, my "national service" would be over... ^_^


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