January 23, 2007

Quick Updates

Note: The falling red "*" are supposed to represent the firecracker residue when you fire off the firecrackers during the first day of Chinese New Year. Hope you like it. :P... It is not bloodied snow.. (-__-)

Of late, I have nothing much to report except that the temperature is dropping and so is my "happiness" meter. I tend to get very down if the weather is very cold. I'd guess I still prefer sunshine and hot weather (with air-cond, of course-la!)

Anyway, other than that, I'm supposed to be studying for my Java 5.0 JCP (Sun Java Certified Programmer) paper while I'm here since there is nothing nice to watch on TV. (^.^) psssttt... I soooo "malu"... So many years work with Java but not certified our "relationship" yet..

So far, I've managed to cover a couple of chapters as a refresher. I've still got a long way to go since Java 5.0 has introduced some new features. It is my goal before Q1 of 2007 is up. However, I've been distracted by my moodiness and my beloved shows which I've brought with me.

I've got to put in more focus if I want to build up my credibility and trust. This is important for me personally as I felt that my technical skills have gone on a downhill slide for the last couple of years.

2007 is my year of personal self development. Every once in a while, it is good to sit back and reinvent ourselves so that we improve upon what we have. I for one, am not the type who likes to sit around and rot, and so, will take steps to get out of the inertia.

There is no point in lamenting about the current situation, it is a time to take action. (^_^)

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