June 01, 2008

The Reveal....

LOL! Nothing fancy here... Just wanted to post a couple of pics of what my "new" toy was. (^____^)

This is the top view of the box of the toy. Yep, it pretty much says it!

Just a sort of "perspective" look of what the toy is. See if you can guess it? :-P

It is probably one of the best buys of 2008. It really is helping me manage my otherwise boring but yet busy life.

Have a great weekend folks!


  1. HTC is a very strong brand and is emerging as a serious contender in the smartphones segment, especially after its acquisition of smartphone maker Dopod last year.

    A very nice toy indeed... but I haven't had my first HTC :(

  2. Hi jaxon, che-cheh,

    jaxon: yeah, HTC has become a pretty well-known brand esp ever since acquiring dopod. i still have 1 gripe about this model, which is the graphics driver.... meanwhile, i'm waiting for the official windows mobile 6.1 upgrade.. (^ ^)

    che-cheh: lol!!! don't drool all over my phone-la!! :-P

  3. wah.. HTC... I want too..


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