June 04, 2008

I'm Expecting a Big Dividen from Petronas This Year...

I'm not joking when I decided to use that remark as my blog entry today.

This is because of the remarkable contribution by everyone tonight to get your tanks all filled up with petrol before the big deadline at midnight to get petrol at soon-to-be yesterday's price.

Let's join in the Petrol-Fill Up Fiesta!!!

How long did it take for you to get home today?

It roughly took me about 3 hours; although I did take a 30-minute breather at one of my favourite mamak stalls to rest my bad knee. I've got to ice, elevate and put a bandage to compress the knee now or else, I may not be able to walk for the next couple of days. :-(

After what I thought were shortcuts to get to the NPE (New-Pantai-Expressway) from Bangsar turned out to be free trips to the longest parking lot on a two-lane road in Old Town PJ. What normally took about 10-15minutes for me to get to the NPE turned out to be a very "comfortable" 2-hour wait in my car.

Boy, for 3 hours, I would have been able to watch LOTR in my car... If I had a DVD Player available then.

I was so bored in my car that I decided to take some photos. After all, I was stuck in the same spot for about 30 minutes...

I really pity some of the folks who really needed to fill up their empty tanks. Because they had to fight with the other folks who filled up their tanks so that they can escape the price increase. Some cars literally stalled on the roads because they just ran out. I saw a couple of folks carrying the petrol cans from the station to their car. There were a number of cars who got a free ride on the tow truck because the car just died without the much needed "blood".

Hmmm... Hope my colleague was able to fill up her tank before she went home.

We really had a triple whammy on the roads today.

1. Heavy rains which caused massive flash flooding in PJ (did SMART divert all the flood to PJ instead of the alloted containment areas?? LOL... Just kidding... We know how fantastic the PJ drainage system is.... *roll eyes*)

2. Heavy rains started at 4pm and didn't quite let up until 6pm...

3. Petrol price increase "rumour" which caused massive jams on EVERY ROAD LEADING TO A PETROL STATION.

So.... What comes next?

We'll start to complain, protest about the price increase again.

Traders will start to increase price of goods and services because the price of petrol has cut into their profit margin and has increased their operating costs.

The government will preach advise us to change our lifestyle - go for public transportation, travel less and perhaps be self-sufficient.

I love this video...


  1. hahaha..mine was 15 mins turned to 1 hour..that was crazy!

  2. change the lifestyle, seem we back to pass which make our life even more terrible & pity...

    Change the government can change the current situation...i dont think so...as inflation is out of anybody control.

  3. My friend and I queued for an hour for the fuel.. sigh..

  4. Hi all,

    joe - whoa! that is bad.. :-(

    amei79 - yeah, changing lifestyle is not enough. that affects the economy as we spend less, it doesn't do our economy any good.

    keeyit - whoa.. now that was bad. my colleague also waited for 1 hour just to pump petrol and she was desperate as her "E" indicator was on!


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