June 21, 2008

Artery Clogging Breakfast... It's Just That Good!!!

There are days when I just throw caution to the wind and fix myself a real yummy breakfast.

Did I wallow in guilt after that? Well...... Slightly.

We have one short life to live and so, it's not too bad if we just treat ourselves to a little guilty pleasure....

So, what accompanied my yummy crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes and toast? A nice big cup of coffee. (^________^)

Here's a tip about fixing up the perfect scrambled eggs. Cook your eggs under a low fire and keep stirring the eggs with a wooden spoon. If you like your eggs runny, you don't have to cook it for long.

Yes, it's all bad for ya, but when you've got some Aussie bacon (it's made of pork, not beef), you just can't resist it!! It brings back alot of fond memories when I was studying in Melbourne, fixing breakfast with my mates after staying up half the night studying or hanging out.

LOL!! OK OK.. I'll promise I'll hit the gym.... Sheeeshhh....


  1. Ohh I'll do just like you if I have delicious bacon to accompany the lonesome egg! Hehehe

  2. oh oh can you prepare another set for me??

  3. hahahha.. do more cardio exercise la.. hehehe..

  4. very nice post.. i like your posts and spend ample time with your blog..

  5. Hi folks..

    che-cheh - yes yes!! bacon goes very well with eggs.. *slurp*

    sylvester - can.. but how to send the stuff to you?

    keeyit - yeah... i did more cardio after that. kekeke

    durai - thanks for dropping by. hope you visit often...


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