June 20, 2008

Wedded Bliss - Congratulations Dallas & Melina

I know that I've disappeared under the radar for the past few days....

Well, it has been a hectic week. After all, my little sis was getting married (http://www.mywedding.com/dallasmelina/)!!

Anyway, both my sis and I were sick the day before the wedding and after that, my body just decided to just give up. It has been a long while since I had some time to sleep in.

You're right. I did nothing but sleep.

After all, my body was craving for rest. I've been overworked at work. As a matter of fact, I've been stressed out completely. It's not so much of not enough work to do, but the mental torture of dealing with all the things around work which is just too much to handle.

Anyway, enough of the rants. I'll reserve that for another time... Or better still, turn that around to something more positive. ;-) No point grinding over the same points. I'd rather put my energy into positive thinking than negative ranting.

The wedding was beautiful. Dad was so nervous that on the morning of the wedding, he took the wrong suit and even ended up sitting in the wrong car! Duh! He was supposed to sit with my sis to bring her to the church.. Somehow, he ended up in one of my uncle's mini-van...... (o.O) I wasn't there. I was sent to pick up some family friends from the hotel nearby.

I didn't get to take much photos as I was helping out all day. So, I've got to rely on other people's cameras and of course, photos from the professionals (there were about three that day) for pics.

Congratulations Dallas & Melina.

Dallas, welcome to the family. I'm sure you're wondering from all the noise and celebration that night, you're wondering if the Tan family is like that all the time. LOL!! Well, most of the time, we're a fun bunch and we love each other lots! That's family for ya.... Welcome bro!

From left to right: Auntie Julie, Ian, Matthew, Joanne, Melina (bride), Cindy, Me, Wilson
(Missing cousins: Denise, Alvin, Shen, Marcus & Malcolm)

Dallas, I hope to play MGS4 on your PS3 soon.. We've got to test that game out!!! (^ ^)


  1. Angie, you look like the "Tai Kam Jay" :)

  2. Hi TH...

    Barger-la you... You are so full of crap sometimes. LOL!!! I can't be more outstanding than the bride, right?

  3. purple was the colour theme eh?

    why lah girls like to make guys wear certain clothes nowadays... sigh...

    blow balloon... at least not condom hahahahaha....

  4. Hi zewt...

    Purple and Brown actually. :-) Purple or Lavender is my sis's favourite colour.

    Anyway, it was kind of "cruel" to get the guys to play football with the balloons. Hahaha.. But I'd guess the balloons are special order from a special shop. LOL...


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