June 12, 2008

Half Empty, Half Full?

With all the news around us today, it's a wonder if we can ever find an optimist amongst us.

LOL!! That's the pessimist in me "barking"....

I've been a bit down lately. Things buzzing around me has gotten me feeling the blues. My love for jazz music is not helping as some jazz music I listen to tend to be quite "blue" in nature, i.e. think Chet Baker or Miles Davis... You get what I mean. ;-)

The question I want to pose is... How do the optimists remain so optimistic?

I've been trying to turn my brain around from being a down right pessimist to a slightly more optimistic person. Strange that some friends have said that I'm a very bubbly person but of late, I'd guess I'm getting very jaded with life and it has gotten the best of me... drained me of my bubbliness.

One friend remarked that he thinks that the situation could get worse than what it is now. So, he is thankful for what he has.

Another friend said, don't fret about the small stuff. Take a deep breath and look around you. Be Happy.

I'd guess what I'm getting at is TO BE HAPPY.

If you read the Law of Attraction, you'll know that thinking negatively will only attract negative things to you. There's a saying that You Are What You Think. I believe that there is some truth to that.

I've been quite weary of the world and it's beginning to take its toll on my health. I'd guess it's time for me to retreat back into my "shell" for a little while to reflect the good I have and figure out how to get out of the rut. Or, I should just stop thinking altogether!! Maybe I'll have to get Snoopy & Rusty to give me some TLC session, i.e. FACE-LICKING.

One thing is for sure, I'm beyond the stage of whining over it. I'm just about fed up of pouring out my thoughts as although it does make me feel better for a little while, it's never a permanent solution. ;-)

So, how do you get yourself out of the blues?

Right now, I'm compiling a list of songs I'm going to upload to my MP3 player for my gym exercise. So, I'm picking all the fast-moving music as well as some motivational songs, i.e. Bon Jovi's "Keep The Faith" and Kanye West's "Stronger". After listening to such music, you sure want to pick yourself up and work harder. It does motivate...

Any thoughts?


  1. Hi! Actually it is very very very hard to be happy when ur wallet is getting thinner & thinner each day!
    Wish u a very nice & happy day!

  2. I don't know if you will experience the same emotion as I do, but 'shadow of the day' by linkin park makes me strive forward!!

  3. Hi Horny, Sylvester...

    Long time no hear from you guys-la...

    Horny: Yeah, you're right. It is depressing that the hike in petrol price will drill a bigger lubang (hole) in our already very "holey" pocket but we got to carry on, right?

    Sylvester: Oh yea.. Linkin's Park "Shadow of the Day" is a great song. I like their "What I've Done" as it signifies that we can still go back to correct the wrongs we did...


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