February 26, 2008


It has been a season of change.

For the CNY holidays are just over and most of us are transitioning from our "holiday mood" to "working mood" again.

Anyway, lately, I've experienced a change in my life which was rather surprising. My PT (Personal Trainer) at the gym had to leave her job. She had some misunderstanding with her management who decided to let her go without much notice.

It is certainly upsetting for the person who has been told to "Get out", but for her clients who became her friends, such as I, it was certainly a little drastic.

Most of the time. we dwell on the new and exciting changes but ever stop to wonder about the people you leave behind?

Of course, we can't ask such a question when we're leaving the world for the lonnnng sleep but if you could think about it for a second, would you think about those being left behind?

Hmmm... I'm just rambling here. I had thought of putting up a well-thought out post but it's 1:17am and I'm sleepy!!

I'll try to update something soon. Got some interesting news to share!!

As usual.. I value your thoughts, if you have any. ;-)


  1. Everyone seems to have changes in their current life.. Me too.. I will change to a new job soon.. hehe

  2. it's like ppl changing their job..whenever my colleagues left, i would wonder what would happen to 'us'.. usually, we would keep in touch for like de first month..after that, gradually the relationship will go down the drain.with occasion "hi how are u" in msn.. only a couple of those that u really keep in touch.. sigh.. but that's life isnt it? ppl come n go in ur life.. :)

  3. yea, i agree wif cbenc12... for the first few months, it'll b ok. but eventually, it'll b hi-bye in YM or MSN.

    even if u make an effort...u need the other side to do the same. u cannot clap wif 1 hand.

    reality of life.

  4. Hi keeyit, ben, alvin,

    Thanks for your comments!

    keeyit: congrats on moving to a new job. wish you the best there. ;-)

    ben: i agree with ya. with every stage in life, your friends will come and go. i've started to lose touch with my uni mates, people whom i've lived/studied with for 3 years in my life. but anyhow, i do keep them in my thoughts and will chat up with them once in a while. thank goodness for facebook! i'm also reconnecting with my old school mates!

    alvin: yeap, a relationship takes two sides, but even if it's one-sided, i don't mind. anyway, i try to keep in touch with most people i meet but i try not to lament over the fact that it's ok. just have to enjoy the memories of the work relationship and hope that we can have the opportunity to work together again. ;-)


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